Who is the Jonas brothers most diva?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Nick! Nick!

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Q: Who is the Jonas brothers most diva?
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Which house do the Jonas Brothers live at the most?

wich house do the Jonas brothers live the most

What is the Jonas Brothers tour going to be called?

The Jonas Brothers most recent tour is called The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009

Who argues the most of the Jonas Brothers?

I'm sure all of the Jonas Brothers have their times where they get mad and argue.

Who sings the most songs of the Jonas brothers?

joe Jonas :P

Who does Selena Gomez like most in the Jonas Brothers?

I think Selena gomaz like Kevin out of the Jonas brothers

Who is most like of the Jonas brothers?


Why do they call the Jonas Brothers the Jonas Brothers?

Because the musical group consists of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas, and they are brothers. It was a convinient name to use; they thought of The Jonas Trio; Jonas 3; and Sons Of Jonas; but the Jonas Brothers was the most reasonable.

Are Jonas Brothers brothers?

the jonas brothers are real brothers

Do most girls love the Jonas Brothers?

I think mostly young Teens and preteens love the Jonas Brothers, including me.

Who are the most recent singers touring?

Demi lovato,Jonas Brothers,Miley Cyrus. By the way Jonas Brothers rock?

What was Jonas Brothers originally?

"Sons of Jonas", but Kevin came up with "Jonas Brothers".

Where did the Jonas Brothers get the name Jonas Brothers?

well there last name is Jonas and they are brothers