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Who is the Smackdown General Manager?


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The General Manager Of SmackDown is Theodore Long


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The Smackdown! general manager is Theodore (Teddy) Long.

On Smackdown, the general manager is Teddy Long. And the raw general manager is a secret.

Yes, Vickie Guerrero is the general manager of smackdown vs raw 2009! Vickie Guerrero is stupid

There is no General Manager Mode on WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2009.

yes there is a general manager mode including the legends and ECW

Zack Ryder(new acting general manager of Smackdown)

Vince McMahon. Theodore Long is the General Manager

The new general manager right now in 2009 is teddy long he got his spot back when vickie guerreo decided to general manage Raw. Only because Ric Flair turned the job down to be the GM of Smackdown though.

You have to win matches and get promoted to earn money in Smackdown vs. Raw.

No. His team lost in wrestlemania so he is no longer the general manager of smackdown. But, he is still with the wwe

Currently, there is no manager of Smackdown, because Vickie Guerrero resigned and moved to become the manager of RAW.

Vickie Guerrero is The Wife of the late Eddie guerrero. She Is the former general manager of RAW and Smackdown.

Theodore Long is currently the GM of SmackDown and there are no plans to replace him as of yet, although the storylines can always change within the WWE.

Alright, number one, the game isn't WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2012. It is just WWE'12. And number two,no it dosen't because I have played it and it dosen't have it. One thing though, WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008 does have General Manager mode though. Hope this was helpful!!!

As of October 2010,The current General Managers of Raw and SmackDown are Anonymous (Raw) and Theodore Long (SmackDown). Both shows have had previous General Managers including: Eric Bischoff (Raw), William Regal (Raw) Mike Adamle (Raw), Stephanie McMahon (SmackDown), Paul Heyman (SmackDown) and Vickie Guerrero (SmackDown). There has been more GMs than just those.

smackdown general manager (9/19/09) he is one of the many wrestlers in the Hart clan.

No he didn't. Vickie is currently the joint General Manager on RAW and SmackDown.

It Is Not. I Assumed It Is Popular But I Cannot Understand Why They Got Rid Of It.:(

She'll be transferred to Raw or Smackdown - most likely Smackdown as her real life fiance Drew 'McIntyre' Galloway is currently on that brand.

Smackdown's general manager is John Laurinitis (GM of RAW and Smackdown!) as of 4-1-12 at Wrestlemania 28!

the new raw manager is vickie guerrero.the former smackdown manager.

Because Smack down doesn't have a General Manager and Raw does. RAW doesn't have a General Manager. That's why they have guest host's. Smackdown is taped on Tuesdays where Raw is live. It makes good business sense to have a guest host because every week is different. ALthough with the current PG format it is also really boring!

Vickie Lynn Guerrero (born Victoria Lynn Lara; April 16, 1968) is an American professional wrestling personality, manager, shifting authority figure and occasional wrestler. She is the widow of professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero, currently signed to WWE on its Raw brand. She had previously been on the SmackDown brand, where she served as the Official Consultant to SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. She had also served as acting general manager, but was storyline fired after Teddy Long returned on SmackDown's 600th episode to reclaim the General Manager position.

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