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American Cultural Ambassador David Jakupca is credited and accepted with being the Founding and Spiritual Father of the Environmental Art Movement by many organizations including the United Nations, Earth Island Institute, Time Magazine, State of Ohio and many others.
Jakupca is responsible for enlightening the art community to the new genre of Environmental Art when he founded the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) in 1987 at the historic ARK in Berea. The mission of ICEA is: Assisting in the understanding of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through the Arts to promote a sustainable global Culture of Peace.
Jakupca asserts that, "Respect for human and environmental rights and greater understanding between people from different racial and religious backgrounds must be the first step of society in today's fast-changing, globalized world."

This goal is accomplished according to Jakupca, by focusing on the creative process and affirming that Environmental Art is a catalyst for social change by empowering participants, transforming environments and contributing to collective healing and economic development.
Jakupca's Theory on Environmental Arts (ICEALITY)* was enthusiastically embraced by the United Nations and was featured in many of their World Conferences;

1- 1992 Earth Summit on the Environment, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2- 1993 World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, Austria
3- 1994 World Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, Egypt
4- 1995 World Conference on Women, Beijing, China
5- 1996 Habitat II- UN Conference on Human Settlements, Istanbul, Turkey
6- 2000 World's Fair, Expo2000, Hannover, Germany
7- 2001 World Conference on Racism, Durban, South Africa
8- 2002 World Summit on Sustainability, Johannesburg, South Africa
9- 2003 World Conference on Peace, Verbania, Italy
10- 2005 World Conference on Peace, Verbania, Italy
11- 2007 World Peace Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico
The result of this major global public promotion at the United Nations level, is that the Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts is now considered as the cornerstone of the modern sustainable global Environmental Art Movement and this concept is now replicated by urban designers, architects and artists throughout the World.
*'ICEALITY" is the measure of the connection between the environment plus civic engagement through arts and culture which results in a sustainable positive and peaceful quality of life for all living things.
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The Environmental Art Movement encompasses a wide variety of very similar phrases and art terms such as; eco-art, natural art, green art, earth art, recycled art, sustainable art etc. David Jakupca is responsible for enlightening everyone to the Environmental Art Movement when the International C ( Full Answer )

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