Who is the chief executive of Georgia?

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What does the chief executive do?

In United States politics. the chief executive is a synonym forpresident. Per division of powers outlined in the US Constitution,the executive branch is charged with enforcing the laws, making thepresident the nation's top law enforcement officer along with beinga trend setter for policy and new law ( Full Answer )

What are the roles of the chief executive?

The chief executive has many roles. Some of the roles that thechief executive has are appointing people to his cabinet, meetingwith the heads of other countries, and creates laws.

What does a chief executive officer do?

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What is a Chief Executive?

Answer ...... powers shared by the federal and state governments are concurrent and they also can borrow money, hold elections, and have taxtation . they can both burrow money, build roads, collect taxes, build highways, set up courts, make and enforce laws the president of a country or ( Full Answer )

Chief executive of the Missouri government?

The chief executive of the Missouri government is Jay Nixon, theMissouri governor. The chief executive of any state's government isthe governor.

What is the chief purpose of the executive branch?

The executive powers shall be vested in the President of the US He shall hold his office during the term of four years together with vice president, chosen for the same term. Also it must enforce and approve bills and policies.

Is the governor the chief executive in Texas?

Yes, article 4, section 1 (and further explained in section 12) of the Texas Constitution designates the governor as the chief executive officer, giving him or her the authority to appoint people to fill vacancies in state offices in certain circumstances.

What are the duties of a chief executive officer?

will the response be instant the chief executive officer manager a company the chief executive officer gives directive to people under or people that work with him the chief executive officer brings new ideas that could move the organization forward. the chief executive officer motivate the me ( Full Answer )

Who chooses the chief executive?

The chief executive is chosen by the board of the directors withina company. The board of directors will also elect other officerswithin a company.

What is a basic power of the chief executive?

The chief executive of anything, whether political or private isthe person who is in charge of everything. It can be a role as wellas a title or position. It usually means that person has final sayover everything.

Who is the chief executive of Ohio?

The chief executive of the state of Ohio is the governor. Thecurrent governor of Ohio is Republican John Kasich.

Duties of chief executive?

The chief executive of a company is the highest ranking executive.Some of their duties include managing the operations of thecompany, making corporate decisions and developing high levelstrategies.

What are the duties and powers of Chief Executive?

The President of the United States is the commander in chief of theArmed Forces of the country. He has the power to issue pardons forcrimes against the United States. He can appoint judges to fillvacancies in the federal courts, including the Supreme Court. Withthe approval of the Senate, he can mak ( Full Answer )

Are presidents chief executives of the army?

The President of the United States is Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces, which include the army, navy and marines, air force, and coast guard.. Presidents of other countries may have other relationships to their armed forces.

What does the chief executive of the government do?

An executive is someone who has administrative or managerial respnsiability for something. As the nations chief executive the president is responsible for enfoecing laws pssed down by congress and supreme court.

2 What is Emile Chief Executive?

1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP. London. EMAIL: customercarebaclaysbankplc@24.com TELL:+44703 183 2473 TELL:+44703 183 3184 Chief Executive: Mr. John Varley. . Is this information correct?

Who were the chief executives of the roman republic?

The counsuls could be considered the chief executives of the republic. They were the highest elected officials and most of the time their proposals for resolutions or laws were passed.

What is the presidential function of the chief executive?

He (maybe a She, in the future) has the power to suggest Bills to Congress. Ex: Obama's Health care Bill. He can also veto Bills, but can be over-ridden with a 2/3 majority vote. These and other duties are what the president must do.

Who hires the chief executive?

The Chief Executive of a company is elected by the board The Chief Executive of the US (president) is elected by the citizens of the country

Who was almost executed by Chief Powhatan?

In the 'Pocahontas' Disney movie, Chief Powhatan was about to execute John Smith, but Pocahontas saved him by throwing herself in the way of the weapon, causing the Chief to stop.

The chief officer of the executive branch is the?

The President of the United States, except during time of disability under the 25th Amendment, at which point in time the chief officer of the executive branch is the Acting President of the United States.

Why is the president called chief executive?

That is what the president does. He is the chief executive officer over all the US government workers except for those directly working for the members of Congress or employed by federal judges.

How would the chief executive be chosen?

by going to electoral collage and also by dfferent statelegislators. if your asking this question then your probably in civics classes

Is Chief Executive Officer capitalized?

At the beginning of a sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun or when it precedes a person's name. Example: Chief Executive Officer Peter

Who is the chief executive of the Indian union?

The Chief Executive of the Indian Union is the President of India. Who is Pratibha.D.Patil. The Chief Executive role will always be vested with the President of India. Keep that in mind. :)

What is the role of chief executive do?

It is the highest ranking administrator in charge of total management of an organisation,company,agency and etc. Boateng Qwasi

What president was chief executive?

All of them. Chief excecutive is a role that they play by commanding their 15 cabinet departments. As chief executive, they carry out legislation with the help of the cabinet

How can congress impeach the chief executive?

Impeachment is a power that allows formal charges to be brought against the President or other civil officer in a governing position. The power of impeachment lies in the House of Representatives and not the Senate. In return the Senate has the power to try the impeachment. The removal of the impeac ( Full Answer )

How did Obama fulfilling chief executive?

Not good, it is great that he took care of foreign affairs. Here at home I am still unemployed and even during Reagan, Bush Senior, and going all the way back to Nixon, I always had gotten a job in a short period of time. So this will be the first time in my life I will be voting for a Republican, ( Full Answer )

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of BOFA?

The Chief Executive Officer of BOFA is Brian Moynihan. He has been the chief executive officer for Bank of America for years. He is the one that heads up the Merrill Lynch program.

Who is the Chief Executive of Walgreens?

The Chief Executive Officer of the Walgreens corporation is Greg D. Wasson. He was elected in 2009. According to Forbes, he is 53 years old and has held previous positions in Walgreens corporate.

What are chief executives jobs?

Chief executive jobs include jobs with executive level positions. This includes a job as a CEO or a chief executive officer. He is the highest ranking corporate officer.

What do you call our chief executive?

The chief executive of the United States is called the President.The branch of government he represents is called the executivebranch.

Who is the executive chief of Indiana?

Eric Holcomb is the 51st andcurrent governor of Indiana. He was elected in 2016 andassumed office January 9, 2017. The Governor in Indianaserves a four-year term and is limited to two consecutive termsat a time.