Who is the father of forensic medicine?

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Paolo Zacchia is considered the Father of Forensic Medicine. He was an Italian doctor in the 1600s who published a series of books exhausting the subject with the information available at the time.
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Who was the Father of Modern Medicine?

Hippocrates is considered a father of modern medicine. He was afamous Greek physician of the fourth century, founder of Europeanmedicine, an ancient Greek physician. Hippocrates put forward "thehumoral theory", holding that the human body by blood, mucus,yellow and black bile four body fluid composi ( Full Answer )

Was Edmond Locard the father of forensic science?

What Locard did do is illustrate how the principles and philosophythat was enunciated by Hans Gross (1847-1915) could beincorportated into a workable crime laboratory. Locard's Exchange Theory.

What is a forensic scientists?

A forensic scientist is a scientist who analyzes biological, chemical, or physical samples taken into evidence during a criminal investigation. It's their work to provide the proof the police need to bring the case to court. Also Forensic scientists examine contact trace materials associated with ( Full Answer )

What is medicine?

Dictionary.com defines medicine as " noun 1. any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness; medicament; remedy. 2. the art or science of restoring or preserving health or due physical condition, as by means of drugs, surgical operations or appliances, or manipulations: often div ( Full Answer )

What is forensic medicine?

Forensic Medicine is perhaps the smallest of medical specialties, it is community of pathologist who are related to investigate the death of individual, assimilate all the medical, scientific and evidential information . They are related to court of law. they determine the cause and manner of deat ( Full Answer )

What does a forensic toxicologist do?

He/she investigates whether the deceased died because of poisoning and can also look into other small forensic things that may pop up during investigation. A good TV example would be Abby Sciuto from NCIS.

Why xu chongming is the father of the coupled medicine?

Answer . Because Dr. Xu chongming firstly introduced the concept of coupled auricle medicine in 2005. The detailed information relaed to coupled medicine in the book of from auricular medicine to auricle medicine.

Why the father of systems auricle medicine is not Paul Nogier?

Because Chinese physician Xu chongming is the founder of systems auricle medicine. Auricle medicine is the short form of systems auricle medicine.. French Paul. Nogier is the father of auricular medicine.. Now auricular medicine only is main part of systems auricle medicine.

Who is the Father of Veterinary Medicine?

For modern veterinary medicine, this would be Dr. Claude Bourgelat. He founded the first modern school of veterinary medicine in Lyon, France in 1862.

What do medicines do to you?

medicine helps us feel better! But every medicine have side effects.Have you ever heard about holistic medicine. holistic medicine is a health care system that promotes a cooperative relationship between all involved individuals. This process should lead to physical, mental, emotional, social a ( Full Answer )

What is forensic sociology?

Forensics are evidence left over from a criminal investigation. Sociology com and analyze what the evidence is, as well as study the group or groups of people who may be involved with the crime.

Who is the father of forensics?

The Father of Forensics is a bunch of ppl!!! Like Lombroso is the father of Criminology (Cesare- ceasare Lombroso) The first cops where in the days of Babylon under Hammurabi (4,000 years ago)! And threz more!!!! A lot more!! So u have to give a category!!! Bec their is . Criminology ( Full Answer )

What is medicines?

Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Contemporary medicine applies health science, biomedical research, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and ( Full Answer )

What do forensic investigators do?

A Forensic Investigator could be someone who works with a Medical Examiner from the very beginning. Such as looking for evidence from a crime scene where someone has died from unusual causes. Unusual death's are like: Homicide, Suicide, Children with no health issues, Car Accident, drowning, acts of ( Full Answer )

What do Forensic Toxicologists do?

say their was a crime, they would handle any poison or drugs involved its weird i no this off the top of my head im only eleven but then again i study forensics in my spare time an i write

What is a forensic technician?

a forensics technician is a person who works for law enforcement and is committed to their job. They look for evidence that was left behind from the killer. They do test on the evidence and every thing else. you could say that this career is exactly like a C.S.I. agent. so there you go. enjoy your l ( Full Answer )

Who is the father of medicinal chemistry?

I am not sure if he is officially called the father of medicinal chemistry, but surely Paul Ehrlich would be just that. He won the 1908 Nobel prize in medicine for elucidating the structure of atoxyl, a compound used to treat sleeping sickness. He also developed the drug Arsphenamine, a prodrug used ( Full Answer )

What is the Forensic police?

Forensic criminalists are people employed by Police Departments to collect, identify, and report on evidence at crime scenes. They may be sworn police officers or civilian employees. They are patient and methodical in collecting evidence which might show how a crime was committed and by whom. They t ( Full Answer )

What does medicines do?

Medicines are drugs, and drugs are defined as any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.

What is forensic?

Forensic is "any evidence submittable in a court of law", not just scientific evidence but is now used as a general term for scientific evidence for a crime. The term "lets get forensics in" that is commonly used on T.V actually suggests planting evidence! To be P.C. they should say "lets get the Fo ( Full Answer )

What is in medicine?

Medications or Medicines contain chemical compounds, mostoriginating from plants or tree bark, including herbal remedies.The chemical compounds are highly refined, unlike herbalpreparations.

Who is the the father of modern medicine?

Hippocrates is known as the father of modern medicine. Hippocratesis a Greek doctor credited with coining the Hippocratic Oath, stillrelevant and in use today.

Who was the father of forensic science?

Dr Edmund Locard is the father of modern forensics. It was the advancements by Locard that has shaped the way forensics work today. Locard studied medicine and law in Lyon, France and eventually joined the French police in 1910. In the police force he requested his superiors give him two quiet ro ( Full Answer )

Who is the father of modern-day emergency medicine?

Dr. Gail Anderson, a surgeon who chaired the first Academicdepartment of Emergency Medicine at LA county hospital/USC medicalschool, spend decades petitioning for formal recognition of thespecialty of Emergency medicine, and helped form the American Boardof Emergency medicine (ABEM), is commonly cal ( Full Answer )

Who was the father of scientific medicine?

A2 . Edward Jenner was the English physician who in 1796 established the practice of vaccination, by studying the immunization against small pox given by cow pox. [ Pasteur's work started in the 1840s.] A1 . Louis Pasteur

Why is Hippocrates the father of medicine?

Hippocrates was a doctor during the times of Ancient Greek. Back then, the doctoring methods were not backed up by research; rather, they were thought up by the same men who thought volcanoes were caused by fire breathing dragons trapped under mountains ;). That is to say, although the Greeks were b ( Full Answer )

Who is known as the father of forensic toxicology?

The first comprehensive work on forensic toxicology was published in 1813 by Mathieu Orifila. He was a respected Spanish chemist and the physician who is often given the distinction of "father of toxicology.

What are the scope of forensic medicine?

An individual who wants to improve his or her critical thinking inforensic medicine must learn these scopes. And these areIntroduction and History of forensic medicine, its professionalbodies, disciplines, and organization, the developing clinical,forensic medicine around the world, forensic consent ( Full Answer )

Is it better to be a forensic anthropogist or a forensic?

There is no such thing as a "forensic". Forensics is a science involved with a crime investigation. Whether they are Forensic Anthropologist: Scientists involved with determining what happened to a body that has been decomposed. Or maybe a Forensic Pathologist/ Medical Examiner: They examine the bod ( Full Answer )

Can you do MD forensic medicine and LLB at the same time?

In the United States, the LL.B. is no longer awarded (discontinued 1971 in favor of the J.D). There are currently a handful of schools in the country that offer a dual degree of MD/JD. In regards to forensic medicine, you would have to match into a pathology residency program after you graduated fro ( Full Answer )

What is forensic microbiology?

the detection of reliably measured molecular variations between microbial strains and their use to infer the origin, relationships, or transmission route of a particular isolate

What do forensic accountants do?

Forensic accountants track a person's finances and financial dealings, like bank statements and records, credit card transactions, mortgages, assets, etc. For example, if a man is murdered in what looks like a professional hit, a forensic accountant would search through all the bank statements and ( Full Answer )

Where do you get medicines from?

Most medicines are derived from nature. Foxglove is where we get the heart medicine, Digitalis. Senna pods are a laxative, which is in the patent medicine Sennokot.Ricin , a poison ,is from castor bean pods, as does castor oil. Willow bark is a fever reducer and mild pain reliever. Morphine and code ( Full Answer )

Who is the father of aviation of medicine in America?

Type your answer here... Gen. Theodore C. Lyster, one of the first to recognize the medical problems peculiar to flight, is known as the father of aviation medicine in America. In 1917 he became the first Chief Surgeon, Aviation Section, Signal Corps, United States Army, and in that ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when an acquaintance of yours gives your father medicine in your dream to die?

In dreams, other people and things are symbols and metaphors, representing other thing, people, thoughts or ideas. In this dream, both the acquaintance and the father could represent other people or groups of people. Most importantly, the dream presents information about the dreamer . It does not ( Full Answer )

Why may Hippocrates be called the father of western medicine?

He stressed the importance of diet, water quality, climate, and social environment in the development of disease. Hippocrates believed in treating the whole person, rather than merely isolating and treating symptoms.

What are medicines?

Medicines are drugs or other remedies designed to improve or restore health. Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Contemporary medicine applies health sci ( Full Answer )

How can you get in to forensic psychology?

To become a forensic psychologist you will need a doctoral degree in psychology. You will need to major in counseling or clinical psychology. You will also need to study law. After your education is complete you will need to be trained and have some experience, then you will be able to become board ( Full Answer )

What does forensic scientist have to do?

In order to be a Forensic Scientist there are various Forensic Sciences... Computational forensics concerns the development of algorithms and software to assist forensic examination. Criminalistics is the application of various sciences to answer questions relating to examination and compa ( Full Answer )

Is forensic pathology a branch of medicine used for legsl purpose and concerned with determining causes of death examination of injuries due to crime and negligence and examination of tissue samples?

Yes it is. The evidence derived from the body and tissue samples of the victim or victims of a crime is frequently used as base evidence for a crime. The evidence is used to strengthen the case argument in court. Forensic pathologists have many types of methods to figure out how an injury was caused ( Full Answer )

What do forensic psychologists do?

A forensic psychologist covers many areas. They include research of criminal behavior,and profiling to figure out what makes people act the way they do.

What hand did a father have in medicine Colonial Times?

In colonial times, the father had a hand in every aspect of familyplanning, including medicine, depending on where the family lived.If a family lived on a farm, for instance, and a child broke theirarm, the father might set and splint it rather than calling for adoctor.