Who is the father of pro wrestler The Rock?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Rocky Johnson

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Q: Who is the father of pro wrestler The Rock?
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Who is Rocky Johnson?

A former pro wrestler and the father of The Rock.

What is the real name of pro wrestler turned actor The Rock?

Dwayne Johnson. He comes from a family of wrestlers. His father was Rocky Johnson.(Real name Wayde Bowles.)I mean his father was born Wayde Bowles.

Did The Rock retired?

As a pro wrestler i yes... im pretty sure but he still does some acting!

Be a teenage pro wrestler?

You have to be at leat 18 in order to be a pro wrestler

What actors and actresses appeared in Pro Wrestler Wedding - 2011?

The cast of Pro Wrestler Wedding - 2011 includes: Eugene Cordero as Wrestler

Why did the rock retire?

the rock retire because of a serious injury to his left knee

Do you need papers to be a pro wrestler?

Yes it requires alot of paper and signing to become a Pro Wrestler

What is the age to become a wrestler?

to be a pro wrestler you must be at least 18

How many years of school do you have to go to become a pro wrestler?

i think 11 years of school to begome a pro wrestler..

Which pro wrestler nickname would you most like your partner to call you in a romantic moment?

The Rock Hulk Jake The Snake Macho Man

Can you name the pro wrestler?

the unndertaker

Which wrestler does the rock bottom?

The Rock