Who is the father of super computer?


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seymour cray is the father of super computer

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seymour cray is the father of super computer

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The super computer is a massively parallel digital computer.

the latest super computer is annapurna

Charlse babage is the father of computer.

The first super computer was cray cdc 6600 super computer and was considered to be the most powerful computer in England.

The Memory of super computer is 390,000 GB

where used anurag super computer in india

Seymour Cray had discovered the super computer

Charoles Babbage The father of the father of the computer.

Father of the computer is Charles Babbage

The difference between a super computer and a mini computer is in their computing power. A super computer has infinitely more computing power than a mini computer.

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Time of invention of Super Computer in India?

PARAM is the first super computer in India.

Charles babbage was the grand father of computer

Charles Babbage father of modern computer

"EKA" is the fastest super computer in India

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Param is the first super computer of India.

Best super computer in the world is Dell Computers.

The father of computer technology name was Charles Babbage

A super computer such as IBM's super computer, the Blue Gene/P.

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