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What is the music in Verizon commercial susie's lemonade stand?

It's called I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow.

Who is the adult male in the Verizon Fios commercial where everyone down to the flea says WOW?


Who is the actor in the Sham Wow and Slap Chop commercials?

The Sham Wow actor is Vince Shlomi.

Whose voice says wow from the flea in Verizon Fios commercial?

It sounds a lot like Rob Dibble, announcer on Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN)-- they broadcast for the Washington Nationals and he says "Wow" all the time in that same voice.

I bow wow i love you soo?

hey bow wow this is cheraque the girl you met at the verizon center i love you

Who is Lil Bow Wow?

He is a rapper and a actor

What does Andy griffiths do?

he is an actor You didn't know that? Wow!

What server on wow does Ozzy osborn play on?

He doesn't play WoW, that was just for the purpose of a commercial

Did Billy Mays ever do a commercial for sham wow?


Who is the sham wow guy?

Vince. He tells you at the beginning of the commercial.

What is the female equivalent of a warlock?

A witch but that is not a class in WoW.

What types of phones are available at Verizon Wireless?

Wow Verizon has tons of phones. They range from cheap free ones to blackberries and androids. I think they have almost every phone that you can buy any where else.

Where can one find promo codes for Verizon products?

Some of the places that one can find promo codes for Verizon products are at Tech Bargains and Wow Coupons. Websites such as Fat Wallet and Coupon Winner also offer promotional codes for Verizon products.

How do female birds produce their eggs?

they get done by male birds then when the time is right the female bird just pops out and egg and they live happily ever after boom chicka wow wow

What meats do Chinese people eat?

Check on Youtube: MakeMyTrip Hotel Commercial, you'll figure it out. Here's a hint: "bow wow wow".

What is a black sow?

a sow is a female pig! so a black sow is a black female pig! wow...

What is the difference between male and female wow bug?

their power is different.

Who inspired Will Smith to become an actor?

wow wow wubzy znd shobaloba ding dong.they are homies f4o life man da got madd luv

How do you use a word he in a sentence?

He was such a gentleman.Did you hear about Bert? He proposed.What was the name of that actor? He was in Breaking Bad.Wow, he really did that?

Who is the actress in the xfinity bang wow done commercial?

Not sure, but she is also in a current Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin. She's in the cafe wearing a black dress.

Does a female Muslim who plays World of Warcraft exist?

Yes, I am a Muslim girl and I play wow

Is Bow Wow more an actor than a rapper now?

His movie 'The Lottery Ticket' is in post production right now.

When are female dogs in heat?

guys are 'flirting' with them about once every six months Wow the answer above is really stupid and yes they do have to be in heat I have two female dogs.

How does sperm enter the female body?

Usually with the penetration of a penis stuck into the lady's vagina. Wow! sex

What is the song that goes wow wow wow wow wow?

Wow by Kylie minogue?