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Ali ibn Abi Talib was first child who accepted the Islam. He was Prophet Muhammad's first cousin and one of the early people who believed in Islam.

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Who was the first child in Islam?

The first child to accept Islam was Hazrat Ali (R.A) as he was in those days under the care of Holy Prophet PBUH.

What other words you can use for accepted?

Accepted as in accepted Islam, can also be termed as 'turned to' Islam.

How many people are entered Islam at first?

It was not that all of a sudden people started entering Islam. It was in ones and twos that people accepted Islam.

Who was the first person who accepted Islam after fath-e-makkah?

Khadijah became the first person to accept Islam. She unquestioningly accepted the revelation by Gabriel that her husband Muhammad was the chosen Prophet of Allah.

Who was the second lady convert to Islam?

Fatimah Bint Asad the mother of Imam Ali (PBUH) was the second lade converted to Islam after trader woman Khadije who married prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was the first one accepted Islam from prophet. also Ali (PBUH) was the first man who accepted Islam from prophet.

Has dhoni accepted Islam?

yes Mahsa Allah he accepted Islam. now he is our Muslim borther

Did zoroastrianism influence Islam?

No. Zoroasterism is not accepted by Islam.

Did Brian Lara accept Islam?

Yes he has accepted Islam

Who was the first Pathan who accepted Islam?

qais abdul rasheed was the first prson of afghan tribe that embrace islam and married to hazrat khalid bin waleed daughter sara

Who was the first boy to enter Islam?

Ali ibn Abu Talib, the cousin of Muhammad, was the first child to accept and enter the fold of Islam.

Did dhoni ecsept the Islam?

no he hasn't accepted Islam till yet but.........

Ms dhoni accepted Islam?

Ms Dhoni accepted Islam and change the Name Bilawal Khan by caste Shaikh Muslim

When was Muhammad accepted back in to Islam?

he became prophet and first Muslim from from age of 40 and never leaved Islam and before 40 he had the religion of Abraham (PBUH)

Who was the first to accept Islam?

The first one who accepted the message of Muhammad PBUH was our mother, Khadija bent Khuwaeled, may Allah be pleased with her.

Dhoni accepted Islam?

No dhoni is not a Muslim

Who runs Islam?

inQORAN: INNADDINA INDALLAHIL ISLAM. Islam is the religion accepted & loved by Allah (swt ) . AL ISLAM HOWA TASLEEMO.

What are the names of the first man and first woman who accepted Islam?

I know Khadijah was the first woman. Abou Bakr was the first man. Aly Ibn Abo Taleb was the first boy.

How did aisha bint abu bakr accept Islam?

She was a young child when her father accepted Islam. So she was brought up in a Muslim house. She was married to the holy Prophet (SAW) at a young age. She can be called a born Muslim.

Did ms dhoni accepted islam?

No Ms Dhoni cannot accept Islam because he is Hindu.

Does wesley snipes is Muslim?

yes he accepted Islam........................

Is that true that dhoni accepted Islam?

No, M.S. Dhoni is a Hindu.

Who was the first male to accept Islam?

The first male child to accept Islam was Ali ibn ali Talib, the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The first adult male to accept Islam was Abu Bakr as Siddiq who was the best friend of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

What effect did Islam have on Mali?

Mmany of the Mali people accepted Islam and put Islamic way of life into practice.

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