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Who is the greatest scientist of the millennium?

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==Thomas Alva Edison== Einstein, Tesla, Von Braun and many other scientists made great contributions to the world, but considering the impact that such things as light bulbs, motion pictures, sound recording devices and the huge number of other inventions of Edison have had on the world, "The Wizard of Menlo Park" is, arguably, the greatest scientist of the 20th century. ==Nikola Tesla== Nikola Tesla is the greatest scientist of the millenium. His contributions made a greater impact than any other scientist to technology and our way of life today. While Edison is credited with discovering and advancing electricty, few realize that while he advanced direct current, which is the type of power batteries use, it was Tesla who advanced alternating current, the type all our electric conveniences use. That's only the beginning of Tesla's contributions!

2007-04-04 00:23:11
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Q: Who is the greatest scientist of the millennium?
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