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As far as I'm aware, Undertaker is currently the most popular and thus respected WWE superstar.

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Q: Who is the most famous WWE superstar?
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Was WWE superstar batista a bodyguard for a famous boxer?


What does WWE superstar mvp stand for?

WWE superstar MVP: World Wrestling Entertainment superstar most valued player

What is age of WWE famous superstar undertaker?

45 years old

What are lots of famous manitobans?

WWE superstar Chris Jericho is from Winnipeg

Who is the most boring WWE superstar?

The Miz

Who is the most feard superstar in WWE?


Which WWE superstar have most fans?

john cena

Who is the most liked WWE superstar?

the undertaker 100%

Is the rock going to be a WWE superstar?

He is already a WWE Superstar

What is Jon Cena most famous for?

John Cena is most famous for wrestling. John Cena has had a lot of success in professionally wrestling for the World Wrestling Entertainment company and is thus a WWE superstar.

Is Jeff hardy a WWE superstar or tna superstar?

He is a former WWE superstar, but is currently with TNA.

What WWE superstar is from Chicago?

A WWE Superstar from Chicago, is CM Punk who is now the WWE Champion!