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Who is the most famous gymnast?

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Who is the worlds famous gymnast?

The worlds most famous gymnast is Shawn Johnson. She is the most famous female gymnast in the world and competed sevral times in the olympics.

What is the most famous gymnast?


Who is the most famous Australian gymnast?


Who is the most famous male gymnast?


Picture of roel ramirez the most famous gymnast in tha Philippines?

picture of roel ramirez famous gymnast inthe philippines

Who is the most famous female gymnast?

Shawn Johnson

Who is New Zealands most famous gymnast?

Jessica puc

Who is the most famous dancer?

Dominique Dawes (dancer/gymnast)

Who is Britain's most famous female gymnast?

Beth Tweddle

Who is britain's most famous gymnast?

Probably Beth Tweddle.

Who is Europe's most famous gymnast?

Probably Nadia Comaneci because she was the first gymnast to ever score a perfect ten!

Who is 1 of the most famous American male gymnast?

sasha belloff

Who is the famous athlete of gymnastics?

There are many famous gymnasts athletes. One such famous gymnast is Dominique Dawes and another famous gymnast is Gabby Douglas.

Who is the famous gymnast in the Philippine?

Beatriz Lucero

Who are Philippines famous gymnast?

Bea Lucero

Famous filipino gymnast?

Wai sang

Who are the famous female gymnast from ohio?


Who is the worlds most known gymnast?

The world's most known gymnast is Gaby Douglas

Who is 1 of the most popular gymnastics?

i think you mean gymnast and shawn Johnson, and Nastia Liukin are famous gymnasts

A Famous black gymnast?

Dominique Dawes, USA

Who is a famous female American gymnast?

Nastia Liukin.

How old is Nikki Jenkins the famous Gymnast?


Famous gymnastic in the Philippines?

Roel Ramirez is the most famous gymnast in the Philippines. He had won two gold medals in the 2005 Manila Southeast Asian Games.

Who was the famous Philippine gymnast with an initial letters BL?

The famous Filipino gymnast with the initials BL is Beatriz Lucero-Lhuillier. Bea was an artistic gymnast before switching to taekwondo. At the 1992 Olympics, Bea won a bronze medal in taekwondo.

Who are some famous people from Hungary?

Nikolett Krausz she is a gymnast

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