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Who is the most popular WWE superstar?


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This can be loosely based on personal opinions. Click the discuss page, to discuss your favourites.


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As far as I'm aware, Undertaker is currently the most popular and thus respected WWE superstar.

Because he was the most popular superstar

WWE superstar MVP: World Wrestling Entertainment superstar most valued player

The most popular superstar as of last month- Brock Lesnar. The most popular superstar as of Over The Limit- John Cena The most popular current superstar would probably be Sin Cara because he's coming back THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. After Friday it will be John Cena and The Big Show

the undertaker and john cena (though cena doesn't deserve it)

A person can play WWE games directly on the WWE website on the Internet. A popular game on the site is "Which Superstar Are You?"

He is already a WWE Superstar

He is a former WWE superstar, but is currently with TNA.

the undertaker will forever be the most popular and loved wrestler of all time in the wwe.the day he retires will be the saddest day in the history of sports entertainment

mark Henry is the strongest wwe superstarthe strongest wwe superstar is really the undertaker and john cena

wwe superstar Drew macintyre

A WWE Superstar from Chicago, is CM Punk who is now the WWE Champion!

yes wwe superstar sabu is from India

edge has held exactly 40 titles in his illustrious WWE career making him the most decorated superstar in WWE history

because some of them are damaged after the fights they did like wwe superstar Edge .

tere is no wwe superstar named jame barry

Depends on which superstar are you on about not all wwe superstars have the same age

Rick Flair was the first ever WWE superstar.

No, former WWE superstar Carlito is not dead.

undertaker, John Cena and the Rock!

Ryback is 32 years old now. He was born November 10th, 1981. He is a very popular WWE superstar.

what you need to do to become a wwe superstar is become hired or win a match

Shawn michales is the best wwe superstar in the world.

Sorry but it not that easy to become a WWE superstar

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