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WWE is more famouse because football game is not popular in other continent like Asia,Australia antertica and other .if the question is about soccer soccer is famouse

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Q: What is more popular football or WWE?
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What is more popular lost or WWE?


Is WWE more popular than ufc?

This is a hard one to anwser. It's like comparing baseball to football. but i will have to say the WWE stock has dropped since the rebirth of the UFC. The fan base for mma in general has sky rocketed But, WWE is selling out where ever they go. i would say both are still very popular. WWE however needs to get some big recruits starting cause when the big names retire so could alot of the fans. WWE is more popular because its more for kids that is why is fake but UFC is real and its the best sport(in my opinion)

Which is more popular cricket or football?


Why is football more popular than fishing in the you?

i think that possibly football is more popular than fishing

Why is football more popular in the US?

No in the U.s.A basketball, baseball , N.h.L and N.F.L are more popular then football.

Is WWE more popular then disney channel?


Is WWE more popular than Hannah Montana?

According to google trends (what people search for on the internet at least), WWE is more popular than Hannah Montana.

Why is WWE not as popular as football or cricket?

who says the wwe is not famous ,it is hav u noticed it is highest rating television show in the universe or it is not a fake it is just scripted ,that why its more entertaining if the lovers of football understand it they will understood wat they r missing total action ,entertaining,story lines it is proofed that wwe is watched almost all in the world nd last say the cricket is famous i never heard about it it is just a boring sports it is only perimetted in 10 countryIt's on Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports 1 but they don't show adverts of the WWE. The only adverts of WWE that are on TV is when WWE SmackDown, RAW, Velocity and Heat are on TV. They always show football adverts, Cricket adverts and other sports adverts on Sky Sports but no WWE. If they did adverts on Sky Sports about the WWE then it would probably be more popular.Because people can't bet on it.Because WWE wrestling is not a ''real'' sport. Sure it's athletic and dangerous even with the scripts but these wrestlers are more performers and maybe acrobats than athletes. It's entertainment but not a sport.It will never be as popular as football (or soccer), but I'd be willing to speculate that it is more popular than cricket in a lot of places.BECAUSE they have storylines. A LOT of acting. That's why its called WWE, entertainmentI didn't know cricket was popular, but like everything else people watch, so enjoy watching the WWE and some don't. It in the eye of the can you compare wwe to cricket?WWE is the best sport in my opinion on television today,altough many people think watching cricket&football is more fun but come on people!!!!!!!!watch wwe a few times too.Its great.You will realize wha tyou all cricket&football lovers are missing

What is England national game?

Football is probably more popular. (That's soccer, not American Football!)

Which sport is more popular baseball or football in th us?

It seems that football is getting more popular over the years

What sport is more popular in America soccer or football?


Is WWE more popular than Pokemon?

YES What do you think.