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Eminem is the most popular because of his style and the fact he is white.

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Q: Who is the most popular rapper?
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Who is the most popular rapper in the world?


What is the name of the most popular rapper?


Who is the most popular female rapper?

nicki minaji

Who is the second most popular white rapper?

Vanilla Ice

Who us the first most popular rapper in the world?

Lil Wayne

Who is the most popular Christian rapper?

Lecrae! He's awesome, you should check him out!

Who is the first most popular rapper in the world?

Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj

What is pinks husbands job?

He is a well known rapper and most popular in new york

Who is the most popular girl rapper Nikki minaj?

i think nikki minaj is totally

Is it true that Nicki minaj is the only female rapper in the world?

No she's the most popular...

Who was the first gangster rapper?

Ice Cube is the first popular gangster rapper.

Rich rapper has the most money?

what rapper have the most money

Who Is The Least Popular Rapper In The World?


Who is the most popular rapper of 2008?

lil Wayne is only popular with teenage gurls and wannabe gangstas. tha reel stuff that eryone can like is T.I.

Who is the most famous rapper in the world?

Adam Lukoki is the most famous rapper in the world. No studies are shown to prove this, but in my opinion, Eminem is the most famous rapper in the world.

Why is Jay-Z popular?

Because he is a rapper.

What is Nelly's most popular song?

Rapper/singer Nelly has numerous songs under his belt. Some of the more popular ones include "Ride Wit' Me" and "Hot in Herre."

What is the correllation between many men and 50 cent?

"Many Men" is the name of one of the rapper 50 Cent's most popular songs. This rapper is iconic in the world of rap music, and this song is loved by many.

Who is Lil'CoreyofTSboyz?

He's a rapper from Tampa fl he is with the group teamswaggboyz and no this is not lil Corey the old singer this is a rapper...very popular on the internet

Why is Lil Wayne's music popular?

Because he is the best rapper alive!

What is the name of a popular singer rapper in the US from haiti?

Wyclef Jean

What rapper has most platinum album?

The rapper Jay-Z has 13 platinum album. The must platinum albums by any rapper.

How much does a rapper charge to perform?

How much a rapper charges to perform depends on how popular their act is and if they have cut any albums. The size of the venue also determines how much a rapper can charge to perform.

Who is the rapper with the most rap songs made?

Will Smith because he was a rapper at the age of sixteen.

Who sings so futuristic?

Yung L.A. is the artist who performs the song "Futuristic". He is a rapper out of Atlanta, Georgia and is affiliated with popular rapper T.I.