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Q: Who is the name of an Indian women who has no vowels in her name?
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What is the name of an Indian women who has no vowels in her name?


What is an Indian girl'a name without vowels?

not even names have no vowels every word has them

Indian girl name without vowels?


Indian girls name which contain all vowels?


Is there any Indian name which does not contain vowels?

yes. eg:-Sky,Syd

Marathi names of girls without vowels?

Indian Girl name without vowel

Find the name of any Indian girl not having any vowels?

Rythy Mythy Rhythm

What is an Indian girl's name without vowels?

I don't know if there are any Indian names or names in general that don't have any vowels in them, but I do know that most Welsh names tend not to have vowels in them. It's difficult to find names without vowels, but I wish you the best of luck. ~ Maybe this site can help you out a little bit - look up

What are some Indian girl names without vowels?

Some examples of Indian girl names without vowels are Pryty, Lyly, and Slyky.

What are Indian girl names without vowels?

RhythmRYTHMWho is the winner of ipl 2rythymAny Indian girl name without vowel?

Indian women name without vowel?


Name some Indian women who traveled in the space?

kalpana chawla and sunita Williams are some of the Indian women who went in the space.

Name doesnt contain vowels?

all words have vowels

How many vowels and consonants are in your name?

5 vowels. 8 consonants. :)

Islamic girl name without vowels words Answer?


What is the name of the red dot on the forehead of Indian women?

sindhoor sindhoor

What is the meaning of the name Pramila?

indian princess who ruled the kingdom of women

What does Boinain Sacagawea's first name mean?

Indian bird women

Name two famous Indian women lawyers?

corenial sorabai

What did women do in Indian tribes?

what did indian women do in there tribes

City spelled with only vowels?

The only US city with only vowels in its name is Aiea, Hawaii. Another city with only vowels in the name is Eiao in Marquesas Islands.

Name the first Indian women who scale Mount Everest?

bachendri pal

Name Indian women who had won miss world contest?

priyanka chopra

What trees name contains all five vowels in US?

Sequoia is a name of an American tree containing all five vowels.

What city has most vowels in its name?

The city that has the most vowels in its name is Ouagadougou in the country Burkina Faso. It is the largest city in the country.