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Who is the owner of Goodwill Industries?



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The "owner" of Goodwill Industries is the community itself. They are a non-profit organization founded by a Methodist minister in 1902 for the purpose of helping the under privledged by employing them. The idea of a handup instead of a handout started with the Goodwill movement and today spans the globe.

Goodwill's are autonomously ran by either a Presiden/CEO or Executive Director, and their Board which is comprised of members of the local community. Each individual Goodwill has a specified territory dictated by Goodwill Industries International and it is from this region that their Board consists of. Each local Goodwill was founded by members of the community and each President/CEO and their executive staff serve the organization.

Recently, murmurs of public trading are surfacing, however Goodwill continues to be a not-for-profit or nonprofit organization. Though Goodwill receives donations and pays for nothing in its inventory, the prices on their goods run similarly to those at other retail chains, such as Walmart, Ross Dress for Less, Target and others. The items receive some care before placement on the shelf, but the use is evident unlike new items sold with other retailers. Some bargains can be found at Goodwill, but with the new online enterprise, most of the donated goods received that draw a larger dollar sales value are sold "at auction" which may drive the sales of used goods higher than those found at retailers. "Let the buyer beware" does apply when shopping at Goodwill. An alternative to shopping online or in store at Goodwill would be