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the president.

WRONG! it is the Vice President (Novanet)

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Q: Who is the real political leader of the senate?
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Who is the political leader of the us senate?

majority leaders

Who is the real leader of the senate?

The Vice President is considered to be president over the Senate and holds the deciding vote. The true leader of the senate, however, is the leader of the majority.

Was King Herod a religious leader?

No, he was a political ruler appointed by the Roman Senate.

Is the leader of the Senate called the Senate leader?

No, the leader of the senate is called the majority leader.

What position holds the real leadership power in the Senate?

majority leader

Who is the leader of the Senate?

The majority leader is the leader of the Senate.

Who was tha Massachusetts political leader who was one of the strongest nationalists in the US Senate?

Daniel Webster

Who is the senate leader?

The senate leader is the vice-president.

Senate Mojority Leader?

the senate mojority leader

Prime minister is the leader of the political party with a majority of seats in the Senate?

No, in both Ireland and Canada, the Prime Minister leads the largest party in the lower house (Dail in Ireland and House of Commons in Canada). In Australia the prime minister is the leader of the political group with a mayority in the lower house / house of representatives. The leader of the senate is caled the president of the senate. the president of the senate doesnot necesarily have to be of the same party as that of the prime minister.

What do you call the leader of the senate?

The leader of the senate is called the majority leader. The leader of the minority is called the minority leader.

Who is the senate majority leader and the minority leader?

senate majority leader is Harry Reid. senate minority leader is John Boener. Correction : Minority Leader of the United States Senate is Mitch McConnell .

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