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Who is the secretary of homeland security?


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Janet Napolitano


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Janet Napolitano is the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Deputy Secretary Paul A. Schneider.

Janet A. Napolitano is the current Secretary of Homeland Security. However, on Friday, 12-July-2013, Secretary Napolitano announced her decision to resign from her position. A new secretary has not yet been appointed.

As with other members of the Presidential Cabinet, the US Secretary of Homeland Security is expected to resign when a new President takes office. (from wiseGEEK, in related links)

There isn't a dedicated person after that.

Janet Napolitano is the current Secretary of Homeland Security. She graduated from UVA Law School and was both Attorney General and Governor of Arizona for a total of 14 years.

Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security just to name 2 of 16

The current head of Homeland Security (as of Jan. 4, 2009) is Secretary Janet Napolitano.

She is the Secretary of Homeland Security and was named to that position by the President.

Yes, she is the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Secretary of Defense. Homeland Security to a stretch. Hope this helped.

If the secretary of homeland security dies they will get another. If the sectary of homeland security dies while he/she is being used on the United States presidential line of succession they will have already of gotten new people to fill in for the other dead most likely. if not they will find some one of high status in the government .

United States Secretary of Homeland Security

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