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Scylax of Caryanda was a Greek navigator in the late sixth century BCE who explored the coast of the Indian ocean for the Persian Empire.

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What group of outsiders had tyrannical control of the Greek city-states in the sixth century BC?

Alexander the Great overtook the Greek city-states during the sixth century BC. His rule was considered tyrannical control and is titled Hellenistic rule.

When was aesop born what date?

According to a Greek Historian Herodotus he was born in the mid-sixth century

What is the sixth letter of Greek alphabet?

The modern Greek alphabet has 24 letters and is derived from the earlier Phoenician alphabet. The greek alphabet has been in use in one form or another since the 8th century BCE. The sixth letter of the modern Greek alphabet is "zeta".

Who were the allies of the Persian Empire in the sixth century b.c.?

The Persian Empire was establishing itself in the second half of the 6th Century BCE. The core of the Empire was Persia and its ally Media. The surrounding states were its target.

What is the sixth letteror the greek alphabet?

The sixth letter of the greek Alphabet is Zeta

What century is 500 in?

Sixth century

What kind of religion were the India in the sixth century?

describe the conditions of india in sixth century

Sixth letter of the greek alphabet?

The sixth letter of the Ancient Greek alphabet is Zeta.

What is the sixth letter of the greek alphabet?

The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet is Ζ, ζ [zeta].

What year was it in the sixth century?

The years between and including the year 500 and the year 599 were the sixth century.

What century is the year 527 AD?

It is the sixth century.

Who invented the first ruler?

Historians recognize Thodorus of Crete, a well known Greek engineer and sculptor who invented the first ruler in the sixth century.

What is the sixth Greek alphabet?


When did Guinevere die?

she died in the fifth or sixth century, the century she was alive in.

How do you put sixth century as a number?


When was Jain religion started?

in the sixth century.

What was China's capital in the sixth century?


In which year was chess invented?

Chess wasn't invented in an exact year. Chess took many years to invent, but chess DID originate in the 1200s in India.Chess originated in the Sixth Century AD in India, and from there spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, it spread into the Arab nations, and from there into Europe when the Moors conquered Spain.

Who was the first to theorize that the earth was a sphere?

Pythagoras in the sixth Century BC. Although it cannot conclusively be proved it was him, by the 5th century BC in the Pythagorean schools of teaching no greek writer or teacher thought the earth was anything but round.

What is the sixth part of greek drachma?


Where did the poet Sappho live?

Sappho is a very famous ancient Greek poet who lived in the sixth century B.C. She resided on the island of Lesbos, which is situated in the Northeastern Aegean.

When did Milo of Croton die?

He died in the sixth century.

What is ZETA?

Zeta is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet.

Obsolete sixth letter of greek alphabet?


In the sixth century church reform was initiated by?

Martin Luther

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