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Who is the smartest man in the world right now?


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AH, Cameron, or Stephen Hawking.


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Right now second is Stephen Hawkens. First is me

depends was or now? was= Einstein now= i don't know

Chimpanzee is the smartest animal in the world right now. The Bottlenose dolphin is the second smartest.

I think the smartest animal in the world right now are Primates which are like apes, monkeys, chimpanzees and gorrillas. And another smart mammal are dolphins. And the smartest dog in the world are Border Collies. Also humans and rats, and actually the most intelligent breed of dog is a Schnauzer.

oh yea defintly. they are in Whales right now eating chocolate covered Black Widows.(theyr'e not the smartest crickets in the world)

That we know of, Stephen F. Hawking, but there very well may be an even smarter person on Earth, who's identity is unknown. Who knows?!

Hi, The smartest kid in America right now is Treston Sanders.He has a facebook.He lives in Georgia(i think_) Hope that helped, Brian Williams

he pingping 2ft 5 in By:amy z

Bill Gates i think, maybe. Because i don't know right now who is...

It depends which man/woman it is. Right now, Usain Bolt is the fastest in the world.

there are over 1,000,000,000,000 dogs in this world right now in 2008

Oraunatangs, chimps, parrots, and some breeds of dogs are highly intelligent. If you want to be technical, HUMANS ARE SMARTEST!Hmm how can we be the smartest? we think we are smart, but are we? do animals cut down trees, destroy our homes, and pollute our world? no. i bet animals spell and have schools and do maths in their language as well. so are we the smartest? so what if we invented tv and computer? you never know, animals can gang up in packs and are cunning, they might better techno then us! and if they can keep it a secret they are smartest, so are we the smartest? what do you think now?

He was the smartest man on Earth, Now its is Stephen Hawking Albert was the best at what he did at the time but he had a great failing when it came to quantum mechanics. He avoided that branch of physics.

Entire "Mathematics" (especially "Geometry"). "Occultism/Occult Science". Theory of "telepathy" which is now known to us in the form of "telecommunication". Theory of "Brahma-astra" which we now call as "Missiles". there are many more actually! indians were smartest and are smartest!

humans are the smartest, and advances creatures on planet earth. our world would be just the same in the dinosuar period of time now.

the number one song right now in the world is gangnam style

The world as we know it right now.

Currently there is 1.029 black people in the world

For weightlifting: Hossein Rezazadeh from Iran (world and olympic records at + 95 kg category).

The richest man in the world, as of 2012, is Carlos Slim. Bill Gates, the previous richest man in the world, is now the second richest man in the world.

One Direction,right now,are in Sunderland on their world tour.

she is on her honeymoon right now-with a man

Still waiting for my man that I love. But for right now, the man I love is my father<3

The shortest man living right now is 2 feet but the record is 1 foot and a half. 0.56 metres (1 foot and 10.05 inches)

There are 5.89 billion toys in the world right now! :)

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