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Your mom!!!!!!!!!!! - how sad are you if you dont know the answer why comment at all you are such a sad idiot

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Q: Who is the young male actor in the Verizon V-Cast commercials that is bowling and has shaggy black hair?
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What is the Data Package for Verizon?

Verizon Wireless no longer offer the $15 unlimited data VCast Vpak. The new Verizon Wireless data packages are $9.99 for 25 megabytes of $19.99 for 75 megabytes. There is also another $10 charge if you want to be able to access the VCast features such as Vcast videos. That also allows you unlimited megabytes within the VCast.FYI- 1 megabyte equals approximately 9 pages on the mobile web.

What is VCAST on demand?

VCAST on Demand is a program that is avalible on most Verizon Wireless Cell Phones. You can choose from a wide variety of Television shows, and watch them instantly (or "On Demand") on your cell phone for a fairly cheap price. Hope I HELPED!

Is there a version of VCast Music Essentials for Mac?

I have no Idea. I have been trying to figure this out myself. I have a mac and when I insert and open the disk on it. it is very confusing.According to a Verizon rep, because iTunes is considered a competitor to Vcast, there is not a version for the Mac, and there are no plans to introduce one.

Can a pantech caper hold music?

Yes, however you can only buy music from Verizon, via VCAST. A wire to connect it to a computer doesn't exists right now.

Who is the African American actress in the VCast commercial that is getting a pedicure?

The African American actress in the VCast commerical is Vanessa Simmons.

Can you get LimeWire songs on a Voyager?

Yes you can. Just plug in your voyager, install VCast music, and be on your way. Just: * Install VCAST * Plug in Voyager * move songs FROM Limewire in to VCAST Music program * and select and drag the songs you want into the "Sync" list Hope this helps!! :)

Is there any difference between digital phones and cell phones?

a digital cell phone gives you better coverage, sound quality, and features. Like Verizon for instance, their txt messaging and VCAST services are all digital

What kinds of content does V Cast offer?

VCast is a 3G EV-DO network that provides audio, video, and entertainment to a series of telephones. VCast also is one of the only service providers to use 3D technology.

How does vcast song id work?

VCast Song ID works by recording a sample of the sound you want analyzed, comparing that sample to a database of known songs, and then returning the possible matches as something that Song ID can understand.

How much is v cast?

Vcast with unlimited data usage for mobile 2.0 internet, access to vcast video, performances and music is $15.00 per month, however, if you want to download music and videos, there's an additional charge (prices vary). If you have a mobile tv compatible phone, all of the features in the original vcast plus mobile tv is $25.00 per month.

Where can you find TV series Vampire Diaries?

iTunesCW website: you have a Verizon cell phone you can watch it on vcast for free for the first 30 days then $15 a month for the rest of time you use it. If you do have it, once you click on it go under entertainment, the CW11, then click on Vampire Diaries. But I'm not sure if all Verizon phones have it.Watch it on TV on the CW

How do you sync music to a LG ENV3 Phone?

I have Tried using vcast , windows media player, iTunes etc. please help

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