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Who is triple h?

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Hunter Hearst Helmsley also known as "Triple H" Real name is Paul Michael Levesque is a professional wrestler/actor with the WWE. (World Wrestling Entertainment). One of the most popular wrestlers also.

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Who is better the undertaker or Triple H?

triple h

What is triple h nationality?

Triple H is American

What nationality is Triple H?

Triple H is french

Did Triple H died?

No, Triple H did not die.

Who is stronger Triple H or batsta?

triple h

Who is hotter Triple H or undertaker?

Triple H

Who is better bigshow or Triple H?

Triple H

Why do people call Triple H Triple H?

triple h's nick name is triple h because his old name was hunter hearst helmsley and that was three h's and he became triple h

Which is better Triple H or Chris Jericho?

Triple H Triple H because he has the wwe title!!!!!1

Why did Triple H lose to undertaker?

Undertaker put triple h in hells gate and triple h passed out

Who is better shawn micheals or Triple H?

triple h

What does Triple H do?

Triple H is a wrestler and movie star.

What is Triple H msn addey?

triple h msn

What car does Triple H have?

Triple H drives a Farrari

What is the background music of Triple H?

the game by triple h

Who is stronger Dwayne Johnson or Triple H?

triple h

Who is better Triple H or Scott Steiner?

Triple H

Who is strong Kevin Nash or Triple H?

Triple h

WHo is WWE CHamption?

triple h triple h -as of now (april 7) it is triple h ____________________________________________________________________ as of backlash randy orton

Who won Brock Lester or Triple H?

triple h because at wrestlemania 29 triple h still had his carreer

Does Triple H have a brother?

No Triple H does not have a brother. He has a sister named Lynn. Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon.

Does everybody hate Triple H?

not everybody hates triple h.if you hate triple h then that is your own opinion,in my opinion triple h is pretty awesome!!!

When is Triple H returning?

Late 2010,early 2011. triple h will return in time for wrestlemania 27 however triple h will not return in 2010. triple h has a torn tendon

Who is stronger rey mysterio or Triple H?

I think triple h because triple h has beaten lots and lots of people

Has Triple H gotten fat?

Triple H is getting fat!!!!!