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Valentines day is named after Saint Valentine

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It is named after Cat Valentine

lol to nick fans

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Q: Who is valentines day named after?
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Related questions

Who is the day named after?

St valentines

Who named valentines day?

the Love doctorrr!!!

What does Saint Valentine have to do with Valentine's Day?

Valentines day was named after Saint Valentine.

What is valetine's day?

Valentines day is a holiday celebrating a man named Valentine and the story that follows it.

Is there school on valentines day?

there is no school on valentines day

Why was it named after valentines?

special day where everyone bummed each other anal style and fufu.

Why was it called the st valentines massacre?

The event was named as such because it occurred on St. Valentine's day.

Who named valentines?

miss valentine

What happened on February 14 1997?

Valentines Day! love ya Valentines Day! love ya Valentines Day! love ya

What happens during Valentine's Day?

When you have a Valentine for Valentines Day , you will start dating them on that day (Valentines Day)

Why is there a valentines day?

Because of st. valentines. that and it's just a great idea. i was born on valentines day and love it so much

Is Buddy Valastro's 4th child a boy or girl?

His child is a boy named Carlo who was born on valentines day:)

What day was Buddy Valastro's fourth baby born on?

his wife had the baby on valentines day at 5:11 pm :) they named him Carlo Salvatore

Does Justin like girls named nancie?

yes because those names he thinks are sweet and reminds him of valentines day and a good girlfriend named nancie

Does valentines practice glorify God?

No, Valentines day is all marketing.

What should you message your boyfriend on valentines?

Happy Valentines Day! <3

What does Earth and Valentine's Day have to do with Greek and Roman mythology?

Valentines day is influenced by a Greek god named Cupid or Eros and Earth day has to do with Mother Earth or Terra.

What day is February 14th?

Valentines day!!

How do you spell valentines day?

Valentine's Day.

How many people get married on valentines day?

I don't know but my cousin got married on Valentines day.

How Do You Say Happy Valentine's Day in Amharic?

"Melcome Valentines ken" Happy valentines day in Amharic.

Why is valentine's day called valentines day?

Valentine's Day is celebrated partly because of the legend of Saint Valentine. Also, numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine.

Who invented valentines day?

Valentines day wasn't invented actually it was a person. He was a person who gave love to the world and this is the day we celebrate it.

When did the st. valentines day massacre happen?

the St. valentines day massacre happened on February 14, 1929

Did Bert dump kelly?

Yes, by text message on valentines day I believe. He's dating a girl from Australia named Allison.

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