Who is world heavy weight champion of WWE?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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chris jericho.

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Q: Who is world heavy weight champion of WWE?
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When was rey WWE champion?

He was never the WWE Champion. Rey Mysterio was only a two-time World Heavy Weight Champion.

Who is the first world heavy weight champion?

hhh was awarded the world championship by Eric bichsoff after back then wwe champion wwe champion brock lesnar drafted to smackdown

Who is most times WWE heavy weight champion?

HHH 8 time WWE champion, 5 time World Heavyweight Champion, total of 13 World-level championships.

Who is going to be world heavy weight champion in WWE next?

EDGE!!! (Adam Copeland)

Who is the WWE heavy weight champion?

Type your answer here... Chris Jerricho is the WWE heavyweight champion

What champions are in Smackdown vs Raw?

wwe champion united states champion intercotenatel champion world heavy weight champion tag team champion

Did Jeff hardy have a world title?

yes ofcourse two time world heavy weight champion and one time wwe world champion

Who is the WWE world heavy weight champion 2012?

Big Show is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion as of December 2012. He defeated former world heavyweight champion, Sheamus, on the 28th October at Hell in a Cell

Who won the WWE world heavy weight champion ship edge or Kane at survivor series?

Kane became still World Heavyweight Champion.

Who is the current world heavy weight champion WWE wrestling 2011?

as of 1/20/11, edge

How many times did undertaker won world heavy weight title?

The Undertaker was a 4-time WWE Champion, 7-time World Heavyweight Champion, 6-time undisputed champion and 4-time cruiser weight champion

How many times hitman WWE champion world heavy champion?

28 times