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The US Department of State issues US passports!

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Q: Who issues passports to the U.S citizens?
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Related questions

Passports are issued to us citizens by the department?

The U.S. Department of State issues all U.S. passports.

Do Mexican people use American passport?

US passports are for US citizens. Citizens of Mexico have Mexican passports.

Do us citizens need passports to go to Columbia?


What is job secretary of state in US?

Takes care of money for the state. Makes appointments for the president. Administers the departments of the president. grants and issues passports to us American citizens. Has a lot of fun.

Passports are issued to US citizens by?

The U.S. State Department.

Passports are issued to US citizens by what department?


Can a legal alien travel without a passport within the us?

Passports are not required for travel inside the US. Anyway, non-citizens, legal or not, are not eligible for US passports.

Do both parents have to be us citizens to apply for US passports?

No. The law varies depending on the situation.

Passports are issued to US citizens by which department?

Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA)

Do US citizens need passports to fly into Aruba in July 2010?


Do you need a passport to fly to Hawaii?

Hawaii is a US state. Americans do not need passports to fly from one US state to another. Citizens from other countries will need passports.

Is the US a multinational state?

No. Citizens of the USA are not allowed to maintain another citizenship. New citizens of the USA have to give up their previous passports.

Can you use a municipal ID card to obtain a US passport?

No. The US Department of State, which issues US passports, does not accept municipal IDs.

Are Guam residents US citizens and do they hold us passports?

They are US nationals meaning they can hold a US passport; but they are not US citizens which means there are certain limitations for them (e.g. taking high positio federal level jobs or vote in presidential elections)

Passports are issued to U.S. citizens by the Department.?


Who is holding an American passport?

Many American citizens and their dependents hold US passports. WikiAnswers cannot provide information on private individuals who have US passports, unless the specific question is asked about a celebrity or political figure.

Which level of government issues passports?

would depend on which country you are in. In the United States, passports are issued by the Department of State.

What is the consequence for entering the us without a passport for a US citizen?

US Citizens are now required to have passports (or equivalent documents) when entering the US as a means of confirming that they are, indeed, US citizens. If you tried to enter without a passport you would likely be detained while your status was determined.

What is the difference between a naturalized citizens and a non-citizens?


Can DoD civilians use regular fee passports on official travel?

Sure they can. The US issues at least 3 types of passports. Blue (regular) passports. Red (official business) passports, and Black (diplomatic) passports. DoD civilians often choose to travel overseas on their personal blue passport, because they wouldn't necessarily want folks to know they are a Government Official.

I forgot to ask, Does St Thomas require a pasport for US visitors?

No. Since St. Thomas is part of the US Virgin Islands, and thus is a US territory, US citizens do not need passports to visit.

Is Palestinian a nationality?

Yes. The State of Palestine, which is currently based out of Ramallah with a symbolic capital at Abu Dis (the closest West Bank suburb to East Jerusalem), issues passports to Palestinian citizens.

When do you need passports from Canada to US?

Passports are asked for in all cases when traveling from Canada to the US, both at the vehicle border crossings and at the airports. However, technically the law requiring a person to have a passport is not in place because US Congress has not mandated it for US citizens visiting Canada. But it is best to have a passport when entering the USA. It makes entry a lot smoother.

Who issues passports?

U.S. Department of State. :3

Do British citizens require passports to fly from Scotland to London?