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She killed herself, with Hitler, on 30 April 1945.

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Who killed adolf hitlers wife?

She killed herself by taking poison.

How old was Hitlers wife when he killed her?

She was 33 when she commited suicide through poisoning.

What electronics are made by Germany?

hitlers beard and wife

Was Hitlers wife ever killed?

Hitler's wife, Eva Braun/Hitler, committed suicide with Hitler on 30 April 1945.

Did hitlers body get found?

yes it was found by the Russians when they invaded, Hitler killed himself as they were moving in on the bunker hes was hiding in him and his wife killed themself

Did Hitlers wife shoot herself?

No. Hitlers wife did not shoot herself she took a cyanide pill.

What was Adolf Hitlers daughters name?

Actually, He did! And his daughter is still alive but she changed her name! ALSO he had other kids and a wife and dogs. He killed his wife, all BUT that one daughter and poisened his dogs. Then killed himself

Was Hitlers wife Jewish?


Was hitlers wife his cousin?


Who was hitlers other wife?

he didn't have another wife

Was hitlers mom killed by a jew?


Did hitlers wife also believe Jews were bad?

He didn't even have a wife did he. He got married on 29 April 1945 (day befor he Killed Himself) Nice Eh?

How hitlers wife died?


Was Hitlers wife with him when he died?


What was the name of Hitlers wife?

Hitler's wife was Eva Braun

What were the names of hitlers wife?

Hitlers mistress for 12 years, and later wife, was named Eva Braun. Eva was a shop assistant from Munich.

Who is is right about Hitlers death?

Kayla Carlin is right about Hitlers death, he killed himself.AKA suicide

How did hitlers wife died?

she wasn't his wife but his girlfriend and she was shot along with him

What is the name of wife Adolf Hitler?

Hitlers wife was Eva Braun.

What color of hair did hitlers wife have?


Did hitlers wife cheat on him?

yea she did actually

What did hitlers mother do for a living?

She was a house wife.

Who was adolfs hitlers wife?

Eva Braun

Who was Hitlers fourth wife?

Hitler only had one wife, Eva Braun.

Who was Hitlers children and wife?

Hitler's wife was Eva Braun, he did not have any children.

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