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Who lead the civil war?

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Abraham Lincoln

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the lead of the civil war was slavery

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America. ______________ But he did not lead the south into the Civil War he led them DURING the civil war.

Abraham Linclon lead the Civil War.

in what ways wasthe american civil war a factor that lead to confederation

No he was president during the civil war

The question does not make much sense. The Spanish Civil War was a war. It did not lead to war, it was a war. In one sense though, the Spanish Civil War was a prelude to World War II in Europe.

Were there lead cannonballs during Civil WAr

South Carolina and it lead to the Civil War

Abraham had tremendous foresightedness and he lead the civil war because he knew that this sort of war highlights the basic aspirations of the common people as a whole and will lead the battle for independence to victory.

no she did not lead any battles in the civil war however she was a conductor on the underground railway that led slaves to their freedom it was a tactic employed by the north so she did affect the civil war but did not fight

it helped lead to the civil war by causing people to end the slavery thinking it wasn't fair for the others. Blacks

US President Abraham Lincoln lead the US Civil War for the Union from 1861 to 1865.

the revolutionary war lead to the civil rights movement

Robert E. Lee lead the south during the Civil war.

No, he did not. The Civil War was long over before he was even born.

The President was Abraham Lincoln, the general was Ulysses S. Grant. Lincoln was assassinated after the civil war.

Tad was in the free soil party and he started the Civil War

I think slavery was lead into the civil war because alot of slaves rebelled against it by running away and starting the Underground Railroad, then lots of slaves and black people joined the Federals in the civil war.

He was the South's ( Confederates ) General . He lead the confederates during the Civil War .

The North tried to compromis with the South which lead to the south ceceding from the union and beginning the civil war

It was the first major battle on the civil war. The Fort Sumter lead to the civil war.