Who lived in Israel and Palestine and Saudi Arabia before the Muslims?

Answer 1
there are many different veiws on who lived there first, i say that the Jews lived in israel first...... Palestine was never a country before the Palestinians and for Saudi Arabia i have no idea
The Hurrians, a people related to the Georgians of the Caucasus, lived in Israel (or Palestine) and Syria long before any Semite came near the area; they built the world's first dolmens in 10,000 BC; they are the Horites and Rephaim of the Bible (like Og and Goliath). In 9000 BC they built the world's first city in southern Turkey. They spoke a Kartvelian language. Northern Arabia was most likely inhabited by Hurrian relatives (around 10,000 BC) and southern Arabia was entirely Nilotic African. In 10,000 BC, an African tribe called the Nostratic people invaded southern Arabia from Ethiopia and eventually ended up on the southern shore of the Black Sea in Turkey. They were the ancestors of the Semites, Hamites, Indo-Europeans, Uralics, Altaics, and others. They brought the Adam story with them from Africa, and were the people involved in the Flood in 7300 BC.

Answer 2
Israel/Palestine: This area (prior to the Muslim conquest in 634-638 CE) was a Byzantine Imperial province. The majority of the population was likely Orthodox Christian with a substantial Jewish minority. The Christians would likely have identified as ethnically Byzantine, Phoenician, Canaanite, Samaritan, etc. The Jews would have identified only as Jews.

Saudi Arabia: The dominant population in Saudi Arabia since time immemorial was the Arabs. Prior to Islam, most Arabs were henotheists, which means that they believed in multiple gods but believed that one of those gods was superior to all of the others. Minorities of Arabs were Christians (mostly of heretical sects) and there were also a minority of Jewish Arabs.