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'hilter was voted by the people of Germany' is correct but rather vague,

President Hindenburg made him chancellor after telling Hitler just weeks before 'how will i answer to god if i make you chancellor'. Hindenburg did this out of the German benefit and Hitler was voted positively. Hindenburg did not want this but the German people did, and Hindenburg couldn't refuse otherwise he would have looked like a terrible president.


President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor after much hesitation (due to the fact that Hindenberg simply didn't like Adolf Hitler, or the Nazis. He ran for President under no party, but leaned toward the conservative side). In the end it came down to the threat of communism, and Hindenburg feared that the Nazis were the only party strong enough to protect Germany's middle class. - j

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Q: Who made Hitler a chancellor and why?
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Who made Hitler chancellor of Germany?

He was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg.

What was Hitler chancellor of?

Hitler was the chancellor of Germany.

Hitler appointed chancellor?

when did Hitler get appointed chancellor

When was Hitler made Chancellor?

30th January 1933.

Who made Hitler become chancellor?

Paul Hindenburg

Who is the German president that made Hitler chancellor?


What year was Hitler chancellor of Germany?

Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

When was Hitler appointed chancellor in Germany?

Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933.

What countries did Hitler become chancellor of?

Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, and that was it.

What was Hitler after he was chancellor?

After Hitler was Chancellor, he was dead! He committed suicide while in office as Chancellor of Germany on April 30, 1945.

Which year did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1934. He was appointed Chancellor by Paul von Hindenburg, who was the president of Germany at the time. When Hindenburg died, Hitler immediately appointed himself Chancellor and Fueree of Germany. Hitler was named Chancellor in January 1933.

When did Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of this country?

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933.

How old was Hitler when he became Chancellor?

When Hitler become Chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933, Hitler was 43 Years old.

Who was chancellor before Hitler in 1933?

Lieutenant General Kurt von Schleicher, he was Chancellor of Germany for only 57 days before Hitler comed along and Schleicher was demoted to Vice Chancellor and Hitler war promoted to chancellor.

Was Adolph Hitler the primeinister?

Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany.

Who was president of Germany during the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler was President at the time of the Holocaust. Hitler was made Chancellor and President, this new "role" was called Fuhrer. This is what ultimately made Hitler a Dictator.

How old was Hitler when he became chancellor of Germany?

Adolf Hitler was 43 years old when he became chancellor of Germany.

What was Hitler before he became Chancellor?

Hitler was just the leader of the NSDAP (Nazi party) until he became chancellor.

Why was Hitler able to become Chancellor by 1933?

Hitler was able to become Chancellor because, he was given it by President Hindenburg.

Why was Hitler chosen to be Germany's Leader?

Hitler was elected to be Germany's chancellor because the Germans belived that he could help the country get out of the depression. They also believed he would be a good leader. That is why he was made chancellor of Germany.

Was Hitler still chancellor in 1937?

Yes, he was chancellor until 1945.

Who helped Hitler become German chancellor?

Chancellor Von Papen

Who was German chancellor 1914-1918?

hitler hitler

Who was German chancellor during World War 2?

Germany didn't have a chancellor during that time. It was a dictatorship, led by Hitler. Ans.2: And Hitler was in fact the German Chancellor.

Who was Germany's chancellor?

Hitler was not the first but the chancellor when world war 2 II was on.