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Who made a 12 gauge double marked Utica Firearms Co 40207 top rib is stamped London Fluid Steel?


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February 26, 2006 9:08PM

Well, you posted it under Crescent Firearms, and that' the right company. It was probably retailed by Simmons Hardware Co. of St Louis, Mo. I have a 20 guage double with the "Utica" and "London Fluid Steel markings. It also gas a Simmons Hardware grip plate. I found parts listed at numrich gun parts ( and I also found some info in a Gun Traders book. The gun traders book says it was made by savage in Utica, Ny. There was a few more details but my book is loaned out at this time so I can't give all the info. The ordering information from Numrich indicates it is similar to or the same as the FoxBDE,(made by savage) Savage 540DL. If you will send your address I will give you the other information when my traders book is returned. Hope this is informative.