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Kessler, Silver Creek, NY, 1951-53. Valued at $35 to $90 according to the Blue Book.

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Q: Who made a bolt action 16 gauge that says Buffalo Bill Cody Model 128 with a 3 or 4 round detachable magazine and standard wood stock?
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Who made the first rifle magazine?

The lever action Henry was among the first successful rifles to use a magazine- but it was not a detachable magazine.

What is a magazine feed?

The term "magazine fed" indicates that items or materials are being supplied by a separate or detachable compartment (magazine). The most common use is in firearms, where the magazine is an ammunition clip or case, which can be replaced with another when empty. --------------------------------------------------------------------- While the above is mostly accurate, the magazine doesn't have to be detachable to be magazine fed. A lot of bolt action and lever action rifles used a non-detachable magazine (never a clip - a clip is a loading device, not a feeding device) and are also magazine fed.

Who invented the gun mag?

The lever action Henry was among the first successful rifles to use a magazine- but it was not a detachable magazine.

Who invented gun magazines?

The lever action Henry was among the first successful rifles to use a magazine- but it was not a detachable magazine.

Can you change a Remington 700 Buckmaster Edition 30-06 to a detachable magazine?

Yes the rem 700 can be changed to a detachable magazine because it is a long action the parts are not cheep but if you want it than that wont mater much the parts can be bought a Product #: 921737

How do you load a bolt action rifle?

It really depends on the exact rifle. Most bolt action rifles used a non-detachable box magazine. So, typically, you would pull the bolt to the rear, and feed the cartridges through the top into the magazine. When the magazine is loaded, you push the bolt forward to chamber the first round.

What is the legal limit of shells in a shotgun in California?

2 in the magazine, 1 in the chamber when hunting. For home defense and the range, a 10 round magazine limit is in effect if and only if the shotgun is Semi-Auto or takes a detachable magazine. A tube fed pump-action does not follow the regulation from what I have read.

Is the browning bdm the same as the browning da sa?

No the meaning of browning bdm means browning detachable magazine,while the browning da means (double action) and sa means (single action) in reference to browning handguns.

When was a Mossberg model 810a made?

Mossberg Model 810 bolt action made 1970-1979. According to gun traders guide-also two variances-detachable magazine 70-75, internal magazine w\hinged floorplate 72-up

Bolt action 22 Long Rifle with scope j Stevens arms co I was told there were only 1 22 cal rifle made by them before savage arms co took over What is this rifle worth?

J Stevens made 2 possibly more bolt action rifles that fired .22 round. The 416 and the 332 or 332s. The 416 had a detachable Magazine the 332 had a detachable Box Magazine. Which one is yours? What condition is the rifle in. Excellent, Good or poor?

What is the difference between a clip and a magazine?

A clip just holds ammunition & will not feed ammunition since there is not a spring to push the ammunition into the firearm. A Magazine is a feeding device that holds the ammunition & has a spring to feed the ammunition into the firearm. Also a clip is normally used to feed a magazine. As far as magazines go there are numerous types. The common ones are a box magazine, tubular magazine, rotary magazine & these can be internal or detachable. Most bolt action rifles have an internal magazine while most semi automatic firearms have a detachable magazine like what is used in an AK-47 or the AR-15 series rifles. One internal magazine semi auto rifle is the M-1 Garand, it also needs a clip to feed it. Many 22 rifles have a tubular magazine as do many shotguns. An example of a rotary box magazine would be the 10/22 ruger or the old Savage 99. The 10/22 is detachable where the Savage 99 is not (in the old ones, the newer Savage 99 magazines are detacable & I believe a regular box style). Hope this helps some.

How do you load a repeating rifle?

There are several types of repeating rifles, fed by different systems. Some rifle have detachable magazines, while others may have fixed magazines. Of fixed magazine rifles, you may have either a box magazine. or a tubular magazine. In any of these instances, you would load the magazine. If the rifle was fed by a detachable magazine, you would then insert the magazine into the magazine well and ensure that it was seated. Rifles with fixed box magazines, such as bolt action rifles or the SKS, will require you to open and lock the action to the rear, then feed the rounds into the magazine through the open action. Rifles with tubular magazines may have different ways of loading the magazine. Some will have a slot on the side of the receiver which cartridges are fed into to load the magazine. Some will require the end of the tubular magazine to be removed, and for the cartridges to be fed in from the front of the magazine (below the bore), after which, the cap (which often contains the magazine spring) is replaced. Some tubular magazines are fed through an opening in the bottom of the receiver (this is most common with shotguns). Some tubular magazines are inserted through the buttstock, such as on certain versions of the Remington Nylon 66. On these rifles, you would remove the tubular magazine completely from the rifle, load the cartridges into the magazine, then insert it back into the opening in the buttstock and secure the magazine.

When was Wave Action Surf Magazine created?

Wave Action Surf Magazine was created in 1993.

How do you load a semi aut shot gun?

That depends on the model and the feed system. For example, a Saiga uses a detachable magazine, so you'd load the magazine, attach the magazine, cycle the action, and you'd be ready to go. Some shotguns with tubular magazines load from a port in the bottom of the receiver, and some have a cutout in the side of the receiver which you would push the shotgun shells into.

Where can you buy a detachable magazine for a Winchester Model 70 7mm Rem Mag?

Watch, or You'll need an "EC" type for a control round feed action. You can use an "E" or "EC" type with a push feed action. They usually sell for between $40.00 and $80.00.

Is there a model 556 marlin shotgun?

Yes. The Marlin model 556 is a bolt action shotgun. It has a detachable magazine which holds two rounds and one round in the pipe for a total of three rounds. It is able to shoot 3 inch ammunition.

How does a person know if there is no bullets in a gun?

Well, that's going to depend on the scenario and type of firearm you're referring to.If you're clearing a firearm, you'll drop the magazine (if it's a detachable magazine firearm), and open the chamber to clear it. If it has a fixed magazine, it may either need to be opened to be cleared, or rounds may need to be cycled through the action to empty the magazine.Do NOT look down the barrel of the firearm. This is inherently dangerous.

What are the release dates for Buffalo Fire Department in Action - 1897?

Buffalo Fire Department in Action - 1897 was released on: USA: July 1897

Can you get a pump action shotgun with magazine?


How many rounds can a Desert Eagle's clip hold?

The Desert Eagle feeds from detachable box magazines - it does not use clips. Magazine capacity varies by calibre. The .50 Action Express and .440 Cor-Bon models use seven round magazines. The .44 Magnum and .41 Magnum models use eight round magazines. The .357 Magnum model has a nine round magazine.

Who is the editor of the animal action magazine?

Sarah Evans

How many bullets does the ranger bolt action 22 caliber rifle hold?

I believe that bolt action rifle has a 5 round magazine and a 10 round magazine............................

Are the actions on a model 111 270 cal the same as a model 110 270 cal knowing the difference in the fact the the 111 is a drop magazine is that the only difference what about dimensions or size?

Yes, both use a standard long action, minus the magazine box and internals.

About the laws regarding a pistol grip shotgun in NJ and would a pistol grip shotgun be considered a assault weapon?

You must be 21 to purchase one (that's federal law). If it's a pump action, no, it's not considered an assault weapon. If it's semi automatic, and has two or more of the following features, it is: Pronounced pistol grip; magazine capacity of over five rounds or detachable magazine; barrel shroud

Is magazine a verb?

No, it is a noun. It is a thing, whereas a verb is an action.