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i did

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Q: Who made the Dickson Commander 38 pistol?
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What is the price of a Dickson Commander 38 Sp?

I can find no reference to that model. Provide a detailed description of ALL marks.

Who manufactured the 38 caliber revolver that says Dickson Commander on it and how much is it worth?

The Dickson Commander appears to be the same basic gun as the RG model 40, built by Rohm in Germany. Probably worth about $100-$120 in VG condition.

What is the value of a colt commander model super 38 pistol serial number clw018814?

50-800 usd

What Walther 22 caliber pistol looks like the Walther p-38?

The P-38 in 22LR is the only 22LR pistol made by Walther that looks like a P38

How much is a dickson cheyenne 38 cal?

38 special Cheyenne double action revolver Made in Germany

What is a Colt Commander serial number 54385 lw in good condition?

A semi auto pistol in either 45, 38, 7.65 or 9mm

S and w 38 ctge pistol made by h and r what is it value at?


What is the Value of a colt lightning 38 pistol made in 1871?

about $300 in great condition.

What year was k 118012 pistol 38 special smith and Wesson made?

@ 53

When was a colt police positive special 38 special caliber pistol with SN 583953 made?

Made in 1951

How do you load 38 caliber Iver Johnson pistol?

how to breakdown and load 38 caliber iver johnson pistol?

What is the age of a Colt Commander 38 Super with serial number 5360LW?

Made in 1950.

What year was a smith and Wesson 38 pistol with serial number C152983 made?

Shipped @ 1949

How far in Dickson Tn from NashvilleTn?

About 38 miles on US-70

What is an Eastern arms 38 pistol with CaM in a circle on the grips?

Store brand made by Meridan for Sears

What is the value of a Ruger P-38 pistol today?

Zero. Ruger never made the P38.

How far can a 38 pistol shoot?

I have seen people shoot accurately at 100 yards or more with a .38 pistol. However, in general, a pistol bullet can travel, on average, about a mile.

Do they make a 38 caliber in semi-auto-matic?

Yes- but not very common. There is an automatic pistol caliber known as the .38 Super, which does not interchange with the .38 Special revolver cartridge. There have been a small number of target pistols built to shoot .38 Special Wadcutter target ammo. And there is at least one auto pistol made in caliber .357 Magnum (revolver cartridge). However, revolver ammo is rimmed, and auto pistol ammo is rimless- there are usually feeding problems when an auto pistol is made for revolver ammo.

Can you use 38 bullets in 38 special pistol?

no the 38 bullet is fatter and and the special is smaller

What kind of ammo will a colt super 38 use?

If the pistol says 38 Super, the pistol with fire "38 Super" ammo. Most 38 Super ammo today will have +P after 38 Super. If the pistol is a modern firearm in good condition it can fire 38 Super +P rounds. However, if you pistol is 25+ years old, I suggest you having a competent Gunsmith examine the pistol to determine if it can safely fire modern "38 Super +P" ammo. (A little bit about the history of the 38 semi-auto round is below) Around the turn of the 19/20th century, Colt developed a semi auto pistol that chambered a round called the 38 ACP, (Automatic Colt Pistol). When the US Army was looking to adopt a semi auto pistol in 1910 it rejected Colt's 38 ACP. the round lacked the knock down power, but accepted Colt's 45 ACP with an improved pistol that was adopted in 1911 as the Model 1911 pistol. Colt improved it's 38 ACP in the 1920's by increasing it's pressures and chambered it's model 1911 for this round, naming it the Colt 38 Super Automatic. (The famous Tommy Gun was also chambered for the 38 Super for a short time too). Under no circumstances should pistols chambered for the old 38 ACP be fired with 38 Super ammo! Although the rounds are physically identical, they are not interchangable. the 38 Super Automatic is much more powerful. If the pistol does not specifically say 38 Super, it should not be fired with modern 38 Super ammo. If your pistol says 38 ACP, you must find ammo that is specificly made for this antique firearm, which is hard to find. If you are a skilled handloader, you can load rounds for the 38 ACP using data from reliable handloading manufacturers. Note that a standard .38 auto pistol should NOT be subjected to the increased pressures of Super .38 +P ammo.

What is value of a 38 caliber 1871 colt pistol serial 313104?

if you are taalking about a single action ??? made 1910

What is the value of a EIG derringer 38 pistol made in Italy with the serial number 65446?

50-75 USD

What are the release dates for Suspense - 1949 The Pistol Shot 6-38?

Suspense - 1949 The Pistol Shot 6-38 was released on: USA: 15 June 1954

What is a PB 38 cal pistol worth?

Never heard of a PB 38

Can you shot today amo in a 1901 model colt 38 us army?

The pistol fired the .38 Long Colt cartridge, not to be confused with the .38 Smith & Wesson Special (.38 Special), .38 Super, .38 Short Colt, or any other cartridge marked as .38 or .380. That is the only ammunition type which can be fired through this pistol. Current production .38 Long Colt ammo may be run through this pistol. However, I would advise you to have a competent gunsmith inspect the pistol to ensure it is in a condition where it is safe to fire first.

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