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Who makes sportfisher 450ZR reel?



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Sportfisher reels have been available for many years (at least 20 years ago, they were offering baitcaster / multiplier-type reels).

Like many / most current reels, they are mass manufactured in the Far East, in the case of Sportfisher, this was most likely Japan, though the actual manufacturer might even vary from year to year!

The Sportfisher range of reels was typically perceived as a 'budget' range, and was often offered in combination with a rod by a 'name' manufacturer, so typically you may see an advert for an'Abu / Shakespeare / Diawa rod with Sportfisher 450ZR reel' etc. This sort of implies that the reel may also be of Abu / Shakespeare / Diawa etc manufacture (which may help sell the rod and reel as a combo), but the fact remains that the reels themselves were a Japanese manufactured, budget reel for the mass-market.