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Who makes up the Catholic Church today?

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The Roman Catholic Church consists of: * 1. Us (the Laity)

* 2. People that are ministers in the Church (the Clergy)

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Who makes up the ordained members of the Church?

Bishops, priests and deacons are the ordained clergy of the Catholic Church.

Who did Henry VIII sever ties with?

The Roman Catholic Church to head up his own church today known as the Anglican Church or more commonly: The Church of England.

Is the Catholic Church bigger than the Anglican church?

Yes, the Catholic Church is around 1.2 billion in population. The rest of the other churches combined makes up only around 800 million.

What is the difference between the Eastern rite Catholic Church and the Latin Catholic Church rite?

Catholic AnswerThere is only the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is made up of various "rites", the largest of these is the Latin Rite of the Church, often incorrectly referred to as the "Roman Catholic Church". This is incorrect and never used by the Vatican. There are approximately seven "Eastern" Rites of the Church, together with the Latin Rite, they all make up the Catholic Church.

Does a Catholic father determine a child's religion?

If one parent is Catholic, either the father or the mother, it makes little difference as the Church requires that the child be brought up as a Catholic.

How does the Catholic Church continue the mission of Jesus today?

By spreading his message. Also, the Catholic church does not impose anything on anyone it is all up to the individual whether they believe or not. God gave one the free choice to follow him or not to..Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ (Acts 9:1-5; 1 Cor 12:12-14) and His Spouse (Eph 5:23, St. John 3:29, St. Matthew 9:15, and the Apocalypse (Revelation) 19:7, 21:3, 22:17). The Catholic Church does not continue the mission of Jesus today - the Catholic Church IS the mission of Jesus today. There is a difference.

Was the Church of England a Catholic Church?

No, however, the church in England was Catholic up until the protestant revolt in the sixteenth century when the Church of England was created.

When did Henry VIII turn the Catholic church to Protestant?

He did not turn the Catholic church to Protestant. He left the Catholic Church and set up his own one. It happened in 1534.

Where does the Catholic religion state that only Catholics will go to heaven?

Roman Catholic AnswerNo where, because it is not true. The Catholic Church teaches that there is no salvation outside the Church: this does NOT mean that only Catholics go to heaven. It means that anyone that makes it to heaven makes it through the mediation of the Catholic Church. The reason for this is very simple, the Catholic Church is the mystical Body of Christ (read St. Paul). There is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ, so it follows that any salvation must come through Him, and His Church which He set up as the ordinary means of salvation.

Who makes up the non ordained members of the Catholic Church?

Everyone who is not an ordained member of the clergy: bishop, priest or ordained deacon.

What types of Catholic Churches are there?

Actually there are over 20 different Catholic Churches that make up the worldwide Catholic Church. (THERE IS ONLY ONE CATHOLIC CHURCH HEADED BY THE POPE.) In addition to the Latin Rite (Roman) Catholic Church, the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches are in full communion with the Pope, and are part of the same worldwide Catholic Church. Eastern Rite Catholic Churches include: Alexandrian liturgical tradition • Coptic Catholic Church • Ethiopic Catholic Church Antiochian (Antiochene or West-Syrian) liturgical tradition • Maronite Church • Syrian Catholic Church • Syro-Malankara Catholic Church Armenian liturgical tradition: • Armenian Catholic Church Chaldean or East Syrian liturgical tradition: • Chaldean Catholic Church • Syro-Malabar Church Byzantine (Constantinopolitan) liturgical tradition: • Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church • Belarusian Greek Catholic Church • Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church • Byzantine Church of the Eparchy of Križevci • Greek Byzantine Catholic Church • Hungarian Greek Catholic Church • Italo-Albanian Catholic Church • Macedonian Greek Catholic Church • Melkite Greek Catholic Church • Romanian Church • Russian Byzantine Catholic Church • Ruthenian Catholic Church • Slovak Greek Catholic Church • Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church With love in Christ.

Who combined the Catholic and protestant to come up with Anglican church?

Roman Catholic AnswerNo one, the Catholic Church cannot be "combined" with anything. The Anglican Church is a protestant church that was formed by Henry VIII as he left the Catholic Church and then it was established by Parliament under his daughter, Elizabeth I.

What did Martin Luther do to break up the Catholic church?

Martin Luther did to break up with the Catholic church in the time of October 31,1517 in Wittenburg Germany.He made the 95 thesis to stamp it in Wittenburg church castle.The 95 thesis was his allegation against the teaching of the Catholic church.

What power did the Catholic Church have in 1500?

In the 1500s the Catholic Church had a lot of power. The church had built up their power of the years and priests themselves had a lot of power.

Is there any church in California for Christian Catholics?

I presume you are talking about the 'Roman Catholic Church' made up of congregations entirely in union with the pope. There are thousands of Catholic parishes in California. There are a number of churches that call themselves Catholic but that are not - The American Catholic Church, The American Charismatic Catholic Church, for example, which do not recognize the pope as the leader of the Church.

Who makes up the Catholic Church's magisterium?

The bishops in union with the Pope make up the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. See the Catechism of the Catholic Church, #85..Catholic AnswerFrom the Glossary in the back of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:Magisterium: The living, teaching office of the Church, whose task it is to give as authentic interpretation of the word of God, whether in its written form (Sacred Scripture), or in the form of Tradition. the Magisterium ensures the Church's fidelity to the teaching of the Apostles in matters of faith and morals.and from # 85 in the Catechism:"... the bishops in communion with the successor of Peter, the Bishop of Rome."

Why did Henry VIII initiate the split between England and the Catholic church and how did the Church of England differ from the Catholic Church during Henry's reign?

He wanted to divorce his wife and the Catholic Church refused him, so he set up his own church that would give him a divorce.

Did Martin Luther break up with the Catholic church?

Yes, then he created the Lutheran Church.

Is Chris Evans a Catholic?

Yes, He grew up in the catholic church. (Chrisitpher Robert Evans)

You are a non Catholic can your children be christened in a Catholic Church?

Absolutely. Children can be christened in a Catholic church no matter what faith the parents are. However, the Church will not baptize (Christen) a child unless the parents agree to bring the child up as a Catholic. That is, in most cases, not going to happen.

Was Elizabeth I a Protestant or Catholic?

Catholic AnswerElizabeth was brought up outside the Catholic Church in Henry VIII's newly formed Anglican Church. She was a strong supporter of the Anglican Church as the Catholic Church never recognized her mother as a wife of Henry and so she, Elizabeth, as illegitimate, could not legally sit on the throne of England.

Does the Catholic Church accept the Philippine Independent Church Aglipayan Church as valid?

Roman Catholic AnswerNo, when the Philippine Independent Church started up at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Vatican instructed the Archbishop of the Philippines to excommunicate everyone involved. The Philippine Independent Church is just another protestant church that left the Catholic Church, although they maintain a Catholic structure, but they have rejected the Holy Father in Rome, and made common cause with the Anglicans - a protestant church that started in a similar way as the "Catholic" national Church in England.

Why isn't the name Catholic Church used in the Bible?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church wrote the New Testament, and decided which books would make up the canon of the Bible as we have it today. In other words, it preceded the Bible, and wrote it; authors do not normally include their names in their books - or answers for that matter. I do not write "PiusX says" although Wiki puts my name down at the bottom, you don't see me write it in the answer normally. In the same way, the Church does have "Church" in the Bible, but does not have "Catholic" in there. The word "Catholic" just means universal, and wasn't applied to the Church until the end of the first century.

What year did the Lutheran church actually break off from the Catholic church?

Actually, the Lutheran Church did not technically "break off" from the Catholic Church. The Lutheran Church was made up out of whole cloth by the princes of northern Germany in 1517, I believe.

Can a widowed Catholic woman marry a non-Catholic divorced man who was married in a Presbyterian church?

The non-Catholic would need to have his marriage annulled by the church before they are free to marry, as the catholic church recognizes the validity of the Presbyterian marriage. If annulment is approved, he does not need to join the Catholic Church, but must be willing to consent to her oath to bring up any children as catholic