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ranger was its own company

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Where are Ruger rifles manufactured?

In the USA

Where are savage rifles manufactured?

North America

Who knows about Ranger Arms Inc. I need info on a rifle 6.5 mag manufactured by them and the date made?

Ranger Arms rifles were manufactured in Gainsville tx from the late 60's to the 70's. ^.5 rem mag was a very poopular gun for anger along with the 7mm and 300 win mag. What type of Ranger do you have? Are you looking to sell it?

Where are weatherby Vanguard rifles manufactured?

I believe that current made rifles are made in the state of Maine.

Where are Remington rifles Manufactured?

Ilion, New York, USA

How many 1894 rifles were manufactured?

The precise number of Winchester Model 1894 rifles that were manufactured is unknown, however, the number is around 7.5 million. This rifle was designed by John Browning.

What large cal rifles were manufactured before 1918?

50 and up

In what country are Sako Rifles manufactured in?

Finland in the country responsible for the manufacturing of Sako Rifles. Sako Rifles are essentially used in sporting and hunting activities ever since 1921.

What rifles are manufactured in the US?

Ruger, Winchester, Henry, Savage, to name a few.

How many General Motors M-16 rifles were manufactured?


Who manufactured the ranger 103-2 rifle?


Are all 38-55 rifles antiques now?

By the BATFE definition, only a rifle manufactured before 1899 is classed as an antique firearm, although rifles manufactured afterwards can still be classed as Curio & Relic firearms.

When was the Winchester ranger 270 first manufactured?

Ranger serial numbers start with a "G". DOB on these is circa 1985.

Who has manufactured guns in potstam ny?

It was Potsdam, not potstam. Nathan Whitmore (1805-1885), Potsdam, NY, ran a shop until his death in 1885. Manufactured percussion target rifles. High quality long range target rifles.

What is make and model of a ranger pump 22 cal rifle ser 139147 k with thumb screw on left side of rec?

There are a lot of Sears Ranger rifles - what is the Ranger model number?

Enfield Jungle carbine stamped 7.62mm2A RFI 1965 what can you tell me about it?

It was manufactured in India by Ishapore, and fires the 7.62x52 NATO cartridge. These are not converted rifles, but were actually manufactured as such. The 2A and 2A1 were modeled after the Short Magazine Lee Enfield, No. 3 Mk I rifle (which was licence manufactured in India until 1960). If it's in a shortened "jungle" configuration, this was done by someone after the rifle was manufactured, as Ishapore never manufactured rifles in this configuration.

Do they still produce nylon 66 rifles?

No stopped in 1989 with little over 1,000,000 manufactured.

Which years were the browning bar sporting rifles manufactured and assembled in belgium?

Still are for special orders.Browning had the BAR semi-auto sporting rifles made there from 1967-1976.

Who manufactured the rifle marked Ranger 101.11?

My best estimate would be Stevens.

How many WinchesterMiroku 1886 Extra Lite rifles were made?

First manufactured in 1998, they are still in production.

Are the mini 14 and M16 magazines the same?

No, they are not. However, magazines compatible with both rifles have been manufactured.

When were Ranger 101 13 rifles made?

No historical data besides old gun/store catalogs

Where are Savage Arms Rifles manufactured?

Currently they are in Westfield Mass. Before that they were in Chicopee Fall Mass. They were established in 1894.

What calibers are Baikal single shot rifles manufactured in?

The Baikal is chambered in .223, .308, .30-06, and .222

what year was the Winchester ranger with the serial number 5587926 manufactured?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 94 ranger rifle was made in the year 1990.

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