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jefferson was not a federalist, he was a democratic-republican. and federalist Alexander Hamilton opposed jefferson

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Q: Who opposed Jefferson's federalist ideas?
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Federalist who opposed Jefferson's ideas?


What were thomas jeffersons ideas about the constitution?


What influenced Thomas Jeffersons political ideas?

the enlightement

Who opposed ratification of the constitution?


Who was most opposed by the war of 1812?

A Federalist

What were two of the federalist programs that Jefferson ended during his Presidency?

some of the federalist programs that ended during jeffersons presidency was paying taxes on certain items

Which is better anti-federalist or federalist?

Neither . They are just opposite ideas.

What group of Americans opposed radification?

federalist party

What were the issues that divided the federalist and the anti federalist?

The issue that divided them was that the federalist were in favor of a strong central government while the anti federalists were opposed to it.

What ideas were represented in Federalist Papers?

The idea of a strong central government was represented in the Federalist Papers.

Those who opposed the ratification of the constitution?

th Anti-Federalist

Define anti federalist?

Group of people who opposed the constitution

Did the federalist opposed the newly created US Constitution?


Who would have been most opposed to the War 1812?

A Federalist

Why do you think the federalists opposed the Louisiana purchase?

The Federalist opposed the Louisiana because of the fact that it was not written in the Constitution. The Federalist were Strict Constructionists which meant that they believed decisions should only be made if it is in the Constitution.

What were hamiltons and jeffersons impression of national bank?

He opposed it because the Constitution did not grant that power to Congress.

Who supported the Anti-Federalist ideas?


Who are federalists and anti-federalists?

Federalist are people who opposed the Connstitution

People who opposed ratification of the new Constitution were called?


Which term refers to the group of people who opposed the Constitution?


The essays urging ratification during the New york ratification debates?

The federalist paper supported it The anti-federalist papers opposed it

What were the federalist political party's ideas?

The Federalist political party's ideas advocated for a strong central government. They argued that this would make it easy to manage all the other states collectively.

What is another name for people who were for ratification of the constitution?

Another name for the people that were for the ratification of the Constitution is Federalist. Those that opposed it were known as Anti-Federalist.

Why did the Federalist Party suffer after the war of 1812?

Many Federalists opposed the war.

Why were some federalist opposed to The Louisiana Purchase?

There was nothing in the constitution about buying land.