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Q: Who out there also has Vitiligo i have had it since i was five How do you deal with it And is there any good cream or vitamains i could take to stop the depigmitation?
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What is fougera triamcinolon cream used for?

Most people use it for vitiligo

Is there is any herbal vitiligo cream for depigmentation?

I think it is difficult for finding a vitiligo cream made by herbs. Herbal medicine for vitiligo or any other conditions are made according to traditional wisdom and for preperation of cream form need some advance processing techniques. So making it vitiligo cream is not possible using the traditional method. Futhermore to extract ingredient of a herbal remedy into cream form need some advance processing which increase the cost of preperation and effectivness of the medicines. This is the reason that normally herbal medicines are found in oily form.

When did micheal jackson bleach himself?

Michael Jackson did NOT bleach his skin. He had vitiligo, a skin disorder which causes depigmentation in patches of skin. When the disease first started he would use darker cream to blend it in with his mostly dark skin but when the lighter patches covered most of his skin he had to use lighter cream to blend it in.

What cream did Michael Jackson use for his skin?

He did not use any cream... He had a serious disease called vitiligo. If you were to search it on Youtube he explains that he uses nothing but make-up and he has never heard of any skin cream or skin bleaching. R.I.P Michael Jackson!...We love You always and forever!!

What does cream mean in 1970s slang?

Cream, as in "I could cream" or "I could have creamed in my pants" meant ejaculate.

What is the best medicine cream for vitiligo?

It is found that a large number of vitiligo patients have low levels of Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Vitamin C. These nutritional deficiencies often alter the production of melanin and can initiate vitiligo. PABA, folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin C are found useful in treating vitiligo.

Which is correct She bought an ice cream or she bought the ice cream?

Either could be correct, depending on the sentence. "She bought an ice cream" means that she bought one ice cream and that the kind is not important. "She bought the ice cream" could be an answer to a question or making a formal statement about who bought it. You could also say, "She bought ice cream."

Why did Michael Jackson sing it doesn't matter if your black or white?

Michael Jackson has vitiligo. This is a disease which causes depigmentation in patches of skin. To cover this up Michael used special cream's which made his skin more black, when this became harder to cover up he started using cream's which made the black areas on his skin white. About 2% of the world population had vitiligo, but most just have a some small areas which are whiter then the rest of the body.

Is sour cream made out of a part of milk that is spoiled?

In a sense, you could say that the cream is spoiled. Real sour cream is the result of the growth of certain bacteria in cream. So you could call it a controlled spoilage.

What is the best makeup for vitiligo?

I would recommend starting with Dermablend, which is made to cover things like vitiligo. If that doesn't work, and it SHOULD--it almost always does--you'll need to use Joe Blasco Ultrabase. Hope it doesn't come to that, because Ultrabase, which is theatrical cream foundation, is nasty, nasty stuff to wear. You can feel this stuff on your face, it's that thick; OTOH, it will cover anything.

Why does ice-cream need whipping cream?

After the cream is whipped, the texture will be more even. which you could make better ice cream with better quality

How could you correct a cream reduction sauce that has curdled?

There is not a way to correct a cream that has curdled. After a cream has curdled it is no more good.