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Q: Who owns dominos and who owns Papa John's?
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Papa John's pizza?

Papa Johns is a spin off from Dominos Pizza.

Who is the owner of Papa Johns Pizza?

Jerry Jones owns Papa Johns.

Who has better BBQ chicken pizza dominos or Papa John's?

pappa johns

WHere can I find some dominos coupons online?

You can find pizza coupons, depending on where you plan on ordering from, right from the site. YOu can try pizza hut, dominos, or papa johns' websites.

Who has the best pepperoni pizza Papa John's or dominos?

This is a matter of personal opinion.In my opinion, Dominos is better than Papa Johns. I strongly dislike Papa Johns pizza.I prefer Pizza Hut out of all of the "chain" pizza stores.Bertuccis is my favorite restaurant style pizza.Sometimes the small local pizza shops have the best pizza. Ask the locals.

How did papa johns pizza get its name?

from the owner papa johns

Where can you find a papa johns papa johns?

New Jersey, or Virginia

Will I get a discount and speedy service if I order my pizza online?

It depends on what site you order from. Although there are special deals or discounts on Dominos. You can earn rewards through Papa Johns.

What is papa Johns?

Papa Johns is a Pizza Restaurant francise in the United States.

Where can you find Papa John's Pizza uniforms?

If you are not an employee of Papa Johns then I would suggest looking on Ebay for Papa Johns clothing. If you are an employee then you should be able to purchase your uniform from your employer and have the cost deducted from your paycheck. Papa Johns frowns upon non-employees wearing Papa Johns logo clothing.

Is Papa John's pepperoni made with goat meat?

yes papa johns peperoni has goat meat in it,but it has other meats in it too.

What is papa johns number?

All depends on where your at. Try looking it up on Google, (like "Papa Johns, Chicago or whereever your from"...

Who owns dominos?

The pizza or the game?

How do you complain papa johns?

Call papa johns headquarters to complain about any franchise because many frenchises hide discount offers

Which fast food restaurants let's one order food online?

There are many options for ordering food online such as Just eat which offers various selection. Other restaurants are Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut.

Did Papa John's Schnatter ever work for Dominos pizza?


What services are offered on the Papa John's website?

There are many services offered on the Papa Johns website. The primary service that the Papa Johns website is used for is in order to make an order for a pizza online.

Are there papa johns in Chicago?


Is Pizza Delivery abailable online, or do I have to call the Pizza parlor?

Yes, pizza delivery is available online. Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa Johns all allow customers to order menu items online for home delivery.

How much does pizza cost from Pizza Hut Dominos and Papa John's for the sizes small medium and large fior cheese pizza?

that depends on where you live. where i live the prices are as follows papa johns: $7.99 medium cheese, $9.99 large cheese. domino's: 6.99 medium cheese, $8.99 large cheese

How do use coupon codes at Papa Johns?

You can use coupon codes at Papa Johns by ordering online and typing in the coupon code at the checking out page, you should see it in one of the boxes. To go to Papa Johns to order and redeem, you just show or tell them the coupon code/s.

What pizza place will take food stamps?

eaither papa johns or papa murphys

What do you need to work at papa johns?

A pulse..

What is papa johns phone number?


What is the largest restaurant in the US?

papa johns