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pappa johns

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Q: Who has better BBQ chicken pizza dominos or Papa John's?
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How many calories are in 2 slices of chicken pizza at Dominos?

There are 100 calories in a small chicken pizza from Dominos. There are 140 calories in a medium chicken pizza from Dominos. There are 200 calories in a large chicken pizza from Dominos. There are 260 calories in an extra-large chicken pizza from Dominos.

Papa John's pizza?

Papa Johns is a spin off from Dominos Pizza.

Who has the best pepperoni pizza Papa John's or dominos?

This is a matter of personal opinion.In my opinion, Dominos is better than Papa Johns. I strongly dislike Papa Johns pizza.I prefer Pizza Hut out of all of the "chain" pizza stores.Bertuccis is my favorite restaurant style pizza.Sometimes the small local pizza shops have the best pizza. Ask the locals.

Whats better dominos pizza or Pizza Hut?

dominoes pizza is better then pizza hut

How much does it cost for an extra large pizza from dominos?

It depends on the pizza. You can get better information from the Dominos website.

WHere can I find some dominos coupons online?

You can find pizza coupons, depending on where you plan on ordering from, right from the site. YOu can try pizza hut, dominos, or papa johns' websites.

Which is better jacks pizza or pappa johns?

Pappa johns.

How large is dominos large pizza?

A large Dominos Pizza is 14 inches.

How big is a dominos large pizza?

A large Dominos Pizza is 14 inches.

What is dominos pizza?

Dominos is a restaurant that prepares, sells, and delivers pizza in North America.

What is Dominos number?

Dominos Pizza Vancouver WA.

What is better Papa John's or Pizza Hut?

papa johns is way better because of pizza huts crust an pizza is gross. I think Pizza Hut is better then Papa Johns and Pizza Hut is a big brand in fast food industry and working successfully around the world.

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