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Who played rhythm guitar for the beatles?


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Ringo- Drums

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John Lennon played rhythm guitar and George Harrison played melody.

In the Beatles he played rhythm guitar and George Harrison played lead guitar.

George Harrison played lead electric guitar. John Lennon played rhythm electric guitar. Both of them sometimes played acoustic. Paul McCartney also played the electric guitar.

He played the piano, rhythm guitar,lead guitar, a little bit of drums.Sometimes Paul McCartney played piano but John Lennon also played piano sometimes. He mostly played rhythm guitar.Let Him Rest in PeaceWish he was still alive :'(

John Lennon - rhythm guitar, Paul McCartney - bass, George Harrison - lead guitar

Ringo-drums Paul-bass John-rhythm guitar George-Lead guitar

Acoustic is a type of guitar. Rhythm is a position in music. an acousitc (meaning not amplified (generally)) guitar is a type of guitar... where as rhythm guitar is a style, ex. solo guitar, rhythm. any acousitc guitar can be played as rhythm but there are guitars that some would find more suitable for a rhythm part because of the characteristics of the sound produced.

There was actually 5 original Beatles. Paul (Lead Guitar), John (Rhythm Guitar), George (Secondary Lead Guitar) Stuart or "Stu" (Bass) and Pete Best (Drums)

No organ solo, but there is organ accentuating the guitar and rhythm.

Nothing. An electric guitar is used as a rhythm and ALSO a lead guitar. However, the difference between rhythm and lead guitar is just the guitar riffs that are played. Rhythm essentially keeps the rhythm/basic notes of the song while the lead guitar do a fancy lead riff and/or solo overtop of the rhythm guitar.

Tito played lead guitar. Jermaine played rhythm guitar in the early years, then switched to bass guitar.

Paul McCartney played the bass, John Lennon played rhythm guitar, George Harrison played lead guitar and Ringo Starr played drums. However, when recording in the studio it varied by a lot. Paul played guitar for some songs, John may have picked up the bass, etc.

In the Beatles songs, Ringo played drums, and also some other percussion instruments. George played lead guitar. John played rhythm guitar, sometimes piano. Paul played bass guitar and sometimes piano. Ringo also played a bit of guitar and piano. George also played a bit of piano. John played more piano... and Paul could play guitar, bass, piano, and drums. He was actually better than Ringo. But he was the only one who could play bass.

George Harrison was the lead guitarist for the Beatles.

George Harrison played lead guitar, but Paul McCartney played the guitar solo.

John Lennon - rhythm guitar and mouth organ Paul McCartney - bass George Harrison - guitar Ringo Starr - drums

Yes, he played guitar on the Beatles' album track "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

Eric Clapton played lead guitar on the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by The Beatles released in 1968.*~Theresa~*

Well: Drums - Ringo (together) Rhythm Guitar & Singing - John Bass guitar - Paul Piano - George Lead guitar - George Sitar - George

yeah their played pretty much the same except lead sometimes has a guitar solo

Tommy Shaw and JY both played guitar. No definite rhythm guitarist.

Bill Haley played rhythm guitar, lead electric guitar, stand-up bass and fiddle. On record it was always rhythm guitar, but he performed the other instruments during live performances.

Paul McCartney- Bass, piano John Lennon- Rhythm Guitar, piano George Harrison- Lead Guitar, Sitar Ringo- Drums, other misc. percussion And of course they all sang. They do play other instruments but these are their primary instruments.

i think like a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, and a drum kit complete with double bass

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