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The answer is India

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Q: Who promotes tourism?
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Tourism attractions importance?

Tourism attractions allow the world to see what that particular country has to offer for immigrants, visitors and the like. Tourism also promotes the country and possibly contribute to increasing revenue and investments in the country.

Why is food one of an area of tourism?

Because some people travel to taste different foods, and every country has a different style of cuisine, so it promotes tourism.

What are the benefits of international tourism?

The benefits of international tourism is that it generates foreign exchange to the countries in question. It also promotes inter-cultural exchange between individuals of different nationalities.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of geotourism?

Geotourism industry helps to conserve abiotic nature and promotes abiotic nature-based tourism.

What are the advantages of taking the Gautrain?

Cost effective, safe way to travel, not time consuming, promotes tourism, relieves traffic congestion :)

What are the thoughts about the hospitality and tourism industry in general?

They are a very important part of any country's promotion and source of income. The revenue is an important source of tourism. It promotes world culture, as well as facilitates world trade.

Who owns 'Discover Ireland'?

It belongs to Fáilte Ireland, the organisation that promotes Irish tourism. Fáilte is the Irish word for welcome.

How does tourism promote international understanding?

Tourism promotes international understanding when people are allowed to visit a country and see how the people live. Tourists get to see how other people dress, what they eat, and learn about the history of other countries through celebrations.

How does travel journalism help in travel and tourism?

Basically, Travel journalism is a profession where the traveler writes about his travels. So in terms of travel and tourism, travel journalism helps such that the travel journalist not only writes about the place he has been to but promotes the place as well. If this becomes effective, then you are also promoting the tourism of that particular place that you are writing about.

What is a Regional Tourist Board?

National tourist boards what is itNational tourist boards what is it

Positive cultural impacts of tourism?

Tourism promotes civil pride in the community and is an industry unto itself, creating jobs that can keep residents from relocating to other areas. Interaction between groups from places that they are likely to meet outside of travel can benefit both parties through a better understanding of how similar they are to the people they know. As a result, tourism can be a major promoter of world peace.

How can ecotourism contribute to sustainable development?

Ecotourism promotes sustainable development by encouraging people not to build on the most valuable resource because they are generating tourist income. If the resource disappears, then tourism stops.