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This is an opinion or philosophical question. I will offer my view. Western European ethnic groups were the main loosers of the war. The virtual monopoly on world power weilded by the Germans/French/British/Russians/white Americans was tossed away during this war. The huge colonial empires were set free, often in fits and starts and with vast bloodshed and much time (Indochina took thirty years to defeat the occupation forces after the war). The western Europeans were so devastated by the war that they have never recovered fully their world economic clout. Their internal social structures have been greatly eroded by the influx of Muslims and black Africans who, in most cases, do not share European culture or values. The war set free the restraints on various minorities in the USA. The first group to benefit was the Jews, who derived much popular sympathy due to their suffering during the war. Shortly after, negroes, who had never attained full citizenship, despite a civil war eighty years prior, began to build a Civil Rights Movement. As time has passed the civil rights movement in the USA not only has improved the situation of black Americans and other 'minority' groups, but it has created a second class citizenship status for white males (those of European heritage). White males are routinely discriminated against in hiring and education - with strong government programs designed to suppress males and Anglos. The groups that have benefited from the war would be Muslims, Arabs, East/South Asians, and blacks - African and American. All have shown huge increases in population and economic power since the war. Demographics were changed dramatically by WWII, to the detriment of caucasians. The Soviets bled their Russian ethnic group out, and thus fell apart due to demographic shifts a few decades later. The French language, once in a dominant world position, has now dropped off the top ten most influential. Germany has essentially no power internationally. Their leadership in chemicals, industry, science - has largely become a thing for the history books. Their population is declining. Caucasians in the USA will soon be a minority. WWII would thus appear in hindsight to be the war where the white races fought each other to a bloody end and thus set in motion their ultimate collapse.

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Q: Who really lost in world war 2?
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