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"Restore" is what you do to make an antique look like new again and would probably cost at least 10 times what any JC Higgins gun could be worth. Do you perhaps just mean "repair" an inoperative gun? Look in the yellow pages for Gunsmiths.

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Q: Who restores the old guns JC Higgins sold?
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Seeking info on old bolt action shot guns sold or manufactured by sears and roebuck?

Sears didn't make guns - they sold guns marked "Sears" which were made for them by many different manufacturers. Most bolt action shotguns were made by Mossburg.

When was Old Higgins Farm Windmill created?

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Parts for JC Higgins single shot 22 pellet gun?

It would help if you stated the model of the pellet gun you need parts for. I can tell you this much. Both Daisy and Crosman made pellet guns for Sears under the JC Higgins brand name. If you want to try to locate a repair shop that restores old pellet guns I suggest to look on the web under "Air Gun Repair." and locate someone who repairs older pellet guns. Or you can re-post your question with the model number it will start with one of two sets of numbers like 799 or 126. This will identify it as either a Daisy or a Crosman air gun. Crosman offers a locater service to repair older guns. (If yours is a Crosman.) It's up to you how you want to find parts.

How can I find the year in which my JC Higgins 22 long bolt action rifle was made?

You first have to determine what the gun actually is. JC Higgins didn't manufacture guns - Sears bought guns from a variety of manufacturers and had them marked as JC Higgins. Go through this web site: and determine what make and model the gun is. It can then be determined what date renge the gun was likely made. I have a short cal 22 jc hjggings sold by searsser number (ser1262830 how old a value Thanks for any help Thanks Johnny

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You have a Higgins 12 ga pump that the breech falls half open after every shot. Any ideas of the part needed and where to find parts?

JC Higgins was a Sears store brand of firearms. Most of the JC Higgins shotguns were made by High Standard. There were several models of pump shotguns the sold under that name. Numrich is a company that sells parts for old guns, good place to check. Your problem cannot be diagnosed without seeing the gun, or at least knowing what model it is. Take it to a gunsmith.

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