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Q: Who ridiculed the idea of rule by kings?
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The idea that God chose who was to be the ruler of a nation was?

The Divine Kings rule

The system of rule by kings?

A Monarchy is a system of rule by kings.

What do Kings rule over?

Kings generally rule over a kingdom, or a country.

What is a rule or idea?

What is a rule or idea

Was Nepal a part of the British empire?

No. It was under rule of Hindu Kings No. It was under rule of Hindu Kings

Why are kings important?

Because they rule different lands that they are kings for.

What is the name for the idea that a ruler receives that right to rule from God?

That idea is called divine right, or the Divine Right of Kings. You may see related link for more information.

What is Kings Family Restaurants's motto?

Kings Family Restaurants's motto is 'At Kings, you rule.'.

What is a sentence for the word ridiculed?

They ridiculed him for his beliefs. She was ridiculed by the bully.

What is a formal order that gave kings power to rule?

the Dao was a formal order that gave kings the power to rule.

What was the rule of Persian kings?

A monarchy.

What is a system of rule by kings?

A system ruled by kings and queens is called a monarchy.

What is the proper way Chinese kings were expected to rule under the mandate of heaven?

The Mandate Of Heaven was the way the kings were expected to rule. And the kings could be overthrown if they were an unwise ruler.

How are kings advised to rule?

with an iron fist

What did Persian kings have after the rule of darius?


Who gave the zhou kings power to rule?

the gods gave them rights to rule! :)

What city did the kushite kings rule from?

The Kushite kings ruled from the city of Napata for centuries.

The idea that kings and queens ruled by the will of God was called the?

The Divine Right of Kings.

Why did the Sumerian city-states place the power to govern kings?

they placed the power to govern in kings because they believed the god let the kings rule. the gods let the kings rule because the kings worshipped them. the priests were also leaders but not as strong as kings. kings were trusted with Sumerian government because they strongly believed in their religion.

How long did Assyrian kings rule?

2000 years

What did the kings and queens do in there daily lives?

Rule their country.

Did kushite kings rule from the city of napata?


What year did 3 kings rule Britain?


What is a queen and kings jobs?

to run or rule their kingdom

Can Kings and Queens quit their rule to the throne?

Yes, they can.