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Who said no to slavery?


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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther king jr.


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Who said that "taxation is the road to slavery?"

Lincoln said slavery was wrong and unjust.

Who said it did? Slavery is still practiced in some parts of the world.

because my mommy said i have to end slavery

It said slavery would be legal South of the line, and illegal North of the line.

The last person to answer this question said "THERES ONLY ONE TYPE OF SLAVERY,SORRY" This is simply not true. = The 3 types of slavery ARE :DEBT SLAVERY = = Sex Slavery = = Forced Labour =

The document that said slavery was not permitted in any area won from Mexico was known as the Wilmot Proviso.

It is said that woman used to wear ear rings as a sign on slavery!

No, it wasn't. In fact, slavery was said to be a "holy thing". on studyisland the answer was indentured servitude

The Republican Party and the Quakers were the leading opponents of expanding slavery into the new territories.

Albert Barnes said that slavery is against the laws of nature.

because jmoney said so

We don't have your statement so don't have an answer for you.

he said we are going to lose the war and slavery was going to happen until we die

It also said that slavery would not be allowed in states formed from the Northwest Territory.

because i said that i didnt want slavery but all of the white people wanted it -__- SMFH.

They made the myth of the happy slave and said that slavery actually helped slaves.

when the illuminati said so duhhh

Lincoln said in his inauguration that slavery is what caused the civil war im not sure if it was the inauguration im not sure what you call it but he said slavery caused the civil war

The Southern Arguments:Legal:- they said that the US Constitution allowed slavery so the slavery is fine( fifth Amendment )Religious:- Bible ( slavery is okay according to the Bible )Economic:- slaves were said to be essential to supply cheap labor for a plantation based on Agriculture System.

At first, the court said slavery was up to the states. Later, the court held that the federal government could make slavery illegal.

They were praying to different Gods. The North said slavery was ungodly. The South said slavery was a perfect God-given arrangement of man and master.

Because they said it was wrong, and they said that slavery cannot expand or it would wither or die. They wanted to stop the further spread of the slavery and this is the reason the war started over some racial equality.

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