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Try besy buy, or any shop that sells mobile phones. You can also obtain free SIM cards direct from network operators online.

Or just search SIM cards on Google, you will find many online stores which offer this product. One of them is aurabuy.com.

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Does Wisconsin cellcom use sim cards?

Cellcom in Wisconsin does not have sim cards, wish they did. I have heard that you can get a sim card from them but non of their phones have a spot for sim cards.

Do blackberrys have sim cards?

Some Blackberries have SIM cards and some do not. It will depend on the mobile carrier. Certain carriers, such as Verizon does not use SIM cards.

Are sim cards made from gold?

Yes SIM Card contains gold. 1000 SIM Cards = 1Gram Pure Gold

Do you phones have sim cards?

Cellphones usually have a SIM card. There are land lines that do not as well as Satellite phones also do not have SIM cards.

Does boost mobile use sim cards?

Yes Boost Mobile does use SIM cards.

Does alltel wireless use sim cards?

No Alltel uses CDMA and sim cards is GSM

What is the plural of SIM card?

The plural form of SIM card is SIM cards.

Do all at and t phones have sim cards?

yes they do all have sim cards also on a different note the t-mobile phones accepts the cingular sim cards when unlocked and vice versa

What brand of cell phones use sim cards?

the AT&T network, and the T-Mobile network both use SIM cards I know that Nextel and Sprint also use sim cards.

Do all cell phones have SIM cards?

The SIM card in phones is based off the company that produces their cell phones. There are two companies in the United states that are contract phones and they have sim cards they are AT&T and T-mobile. Sprint and Verzion do not have SIM cards.

Virgin mobile sim cards?

Yes, Virgin Mobile now uses the sim cards on new phones.

Do sim cards have IP addresses?

Sim Cards are alloted a dynamic IP address to GPRS or 3G users.

Do all the razors have Sim cards?

No, only Rzrs that worked on GSM networks have sim cards. Rzrs that worked on CDMA networks did not have a sim card slot.

Does the SIM card have to be manufactured by the same company as the phone itself?

SIM cards do not have to be manufactured by the same company as the phone itself. There are many manufacturers of SIM cards out there.

Does sprint use sim cards?

Yes I have the Samsung intrepid and it does have a sim card in it as of 2010 so im not sure what other phones have sim cards but the samsung intrepid from sprint does have a sim card

Is the iPhone dual sim?

There are some iphones that do have dual sim cards.

How do you use a phone without a SIM card?

Not all phones use sim cards. Sprint and Verizon are well-known companies who do not use sim cards in their phones.

Which pre paid sim cards can you recommend?

Their are many prepaid Sim cards available. Some of them are go smart mobile, explorer Sim card, passport lite Sim card, passport plus Sim card and many more.

Where can one buy Verizon SIM cards?

One can purchase Verizon SIM cards from many online stores. Some of the stores that sell Verizon SIM cards are Best Buy, Amazon, eBay, DHgate and Walmart.

Do all iPhone have sim cards?

Verizon doesn't use SIM cards, so the Verizon iPhones presumably don't. All AT&T iPhones have a SIM card, though.

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