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Doctor is a man who deals with human health. Money can buy many good things but it cannot buy happiness. A healthy man is often able to do more than a sick one. Bodily health comes with mental health. Health is real wealth. A healthy body has a healthy mind and healthy mind is able to achieve any target.

A healthy body has a healthy mind. Only the doctor is a person who is there to make a body healthy.

Only healthy mind will be able to become engineer, so the engineers are dependant on doctors.

A doctor serves his country in peace as well as in war. During normal daily life, a doctor works only in duty hours but during the emergency conditions a doctor never thinks of his rest and serves for his country. A doctor serves for wounded soldiers in war and makes them able to fight against enemy again.

Saving others life is the most blessed job. So doctor serve for other and God is pleased with those who serves others.


The equipments made by engineers are used by doctors for medical purposes. Due to engineers it is possible today to detect any disease in early stage. The techniques like ECG, EEG etc. are all possible due to engineers. The microscopic study is directly dependant on engineers. The laser operations and X-ray is also due to engineers.

The buildings of hospitals are built by the engineers. If there have not been any buildings, doctors might not have chance to save lives. For better treatment doctors need a more conducive environment that can never be possible without better buildings

Engineers make a country economically stable. Economical stability of a country highly depends on engineers. If engineers make better products then there will be more chances of export and country will be able to get rid of import. So the country will be more stable.

Facilities like transportation, communication, electricity, computers, mechanical instruments and other modern machinery which make work easier and efficient is all due to engineers.

With the help of engineers a country will be able to trap natural resources and set up her agriculture. Agriculture can be improved by using latest machinery so this result in decrease in imports and increase in exports and our GDP can be increased.


Although today there are some teachers who are responsible for creating bad name for their profession and are responsible for cheating and some other such bad things due to following reasons:

They intentionally allow the students to cheat, to keep the average of successful candidates higher in their classes. Some time they gat bribe and allow the students to cheat. Some of the teachers help their favorites in copying. The teachers do not teach with devotion. Some teachers fear the gangsters and influential people and therefore a reluctant to take action against them. Some times selection of teachers is not made on merit.

But the profession of the teacher as a whole is quite different from the above. A teacher's work is one of the "toil, care, wisdom and love."

A teacher is to train human material which is very difficult. He brings up hard working; high moral led and discipline young man who serves for their country. This is the teacher who search abilities in students and make them able to compete the world.

Teaching is a pious profession, a profession of Prophets. A teacher prepares the future rollers. The communities greatly depend on teachers. If there will be good teachers then the communities will also be safe, just and tolerant.

Teachers deliver knowledge and it is the only difference between animals and human. Knowledge is power and teacher teaches the student how to get it. He develops love for knowledge and senses of responsibility among the country man.

A teacher develops character of students, whose importance according to a famous philosopher is as:

"If wealth is lost nothing is lost

If health is lost something is lost

But if character is lost every thing is lost".

A doctor is unable to become a doctor; an engineer is unable to become an engineer without a teacher. And teacher is an engineer/mason of nation. Better will be the nation whose teacher will be better. Teacher builds the nation.


Teacher is the best one who serves for the country in best way so it is the responsibility of the teachers to build this nation more strong, neat, clean and powerful and understand their obligations. They have to create engineers of the future, doctors of the future, politicians of the future, army officers of the future, bureaucrats of the future so countries and nations are alive only due to good teachers and they should feel that due to their individual mistakes, whole country and the profession Is going to be devalued. And sincerity with the profession means sincerity with your country, with your nation and with your coming generations for that your children.

The govt. should take bold steps to improve the teacher's selection system. They should provide attractive packages and facilities to teachers such that the most intelligent people wish to join this profession.