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from, Giff wrote: "If you people would simply watch this scene CAREFULLY, you would realize that you are all WRONG! Joe's gun is on Orange (who is holding up an EMPTY hand to try to both reason with Joe and protect himself) White's gun is on Joe, Eddie's is on White and Pink is simply a professional (like he mentioned). Just hit the slow-mo right after Eddie whines about the "gun pointed at his Dad". You will see the chain of events unravel in succession. Joe shoots Orange, White shoots Joe AND Eddie (YES, it's right there on the screen that his gun fires TWICE) and of course Eddie shoots White. The funny thing is as Mr. White is comforting Orange and finding out his true identity, you can hear Mr. Pink outside get shot in the "Ass" by one of the cops!" Just use Google next time, I suggest. :)



On the director's commentary of the film, and also in a Chris Penn interview on the special features of the 10th anniversary edition dvd, it is stated that a mistake was made whilst filming this scene, and due to deadlines there was no time to re-shoot. Joe was meant to shoot Mr. Orange, before being shot by Mr White. Eddie was then to shoot Mr. White, before being shot back (or something like that). Chris Penn starts to go down before Mr. White shoots at him though. Quentin Tarantino decided just to leave it due to lack of time, saying it'd be "one of the biggest controversies of the film". He then went on to have "Who Shot Nice Guy Eddie?" shirts made, which have became rare as hell.

If anyone finds one, let me know =]

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Q: Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?
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