Who sing the blue bell ice cream song that starts if you could take a rainbow?

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Blue Bell jingles "Have Yourself A Blue Bell Country Day" (the one that starts "If you could take a rainbow") and "The Good Ol' Days" were both written and performed by Aaron Barker. Aaron has also written many of George Straits #1 songs as well as many other #1 songs for various other country artists. He is a native of San Antonio, Texas. For more information and additional music By Aaron Barker visit www.aaronbarker.com
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Who sings the song ice box?

if it helps any there for tomorrow did a cover on it but Omarion originally sang it. its all up to what your into rock or r&b . there for tomorrows myspace = http://www.myspace.com/therefortomorrow . omarions myspace = http://www.myspace.com/omarionofficial

Where did blue bell birthday cake ice cream go?

apparently it's only rotational ice cream. not year round. makes me sad - one person . I just had some for the first time. It's fabulous! - Chris in TX, 5.0.09

What are the lyrics to the Blue Bell Ice Cream song?

In 1989- the lyrics were..... There's nothin like the taste of Blue Bell home made ice cream, Therer's nothing like the taste of the very best We eat all we can and we sell the rest, It's all made, home made- down home Blue Bell - the best Ice cream in the country Blue Bell - the best Ice cream in ( Full Answer )

Ice cream that starts with j?

Jalapeño-Dark Chocolate Ice Cream . Since I can't add copyrighted text here, see the link I attached to this question for a complete recipe.

Ice cream flavors starting with a?

Almond Coconut Ice CreamAlmond Ice CreamApple Butter Ice CreamApple Sauce Ice CreamApple Walnut Ice CreamAvacado Ice Cream

Ice cream flavor start with a?

I think there is an "American Dream" Ice cream flavor from Ben and Jerry's! I hope I helped :)

Ice cream starting with K?

Karelia Krunch, Kahlua Amaretto and Karamel Sutra are ice creamflavors from Ben & Jerry's. Additional ice cream flavorsinclude Key Lime, Kiwi, Kahlua and Kahlua Almond Fudge.

What is an ice cream flavor starting with A?

Ice cream flavors that begin with the letter a: . Almond . Almond Coconut . Almond Praline . Amaretto . Apple . Apple Cinnamon . Apple Cobbler . Apple Pie . Alpine Fudge Crunch . Apple Cobbler . Apple Walnut . Apricot

What are the blue bell ice cream song lyrics?

I remember our old country home. Clean fresh air and flowers growing in the fields, along the path, behind our swimming hole. Momma holaring through the screen. "Would you kids like some homemade ice cream?" That was such a simpler time and place. Blue Bell taste just like.... The good ole days.

What ice cream start with q?

Quarterback Crunch is an ice cream flavor sold by Baskin-Robbins. It begins with the letter Q.

What flavor is rainbow ice cream?

It depends. Often, it is a citrus-blend (lemon, lime, orange, grape, ect.) but different companies can make it with vanilla or any other flavor that they choose to.

Is Blue Bell Ice cream available in the New Jersey area?

Blue Bell Ice Cream® is only sold directly in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (It originates there in Brenham, TX), Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Where can you find blue bell ice cream in Indiana?

I am trying to find where blue Bell Ice Cream is sold in the state of Indiana what stores sells it. evansville area is as far as we go right now. but in 2010 we will be selling in the Indianapolis market. which will cover about a 130 mile radius.

What states sell blue bell ice cream?

I know of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Washington State ($17 a halfgallon there) , Some of Kentucky, Some of Kansas. I know Nebraskaand Iowa do NOT.

Blue bell ice cream have GMO?

this is a good question. i would like to know if bluebell ice cream is made with gmo milk? does anyone know the answer?

Who inveted blue bell ice cream?

Billy Unterbrink, born in Lincoln Nebraska on August 31, 1965. He loved ice cream at a young age and hasn't stopped loving it!

Does Blue Bell ice cream melt faster than Ben and Jerry's?

I used to love blue bell. They stuck to their guns and sold a gallon when everyone else switched to smaller tubs. Now, however, they've tried to contain their cost and lowered the density of their ice cream. If you compare by weight, instead of volume, you really don't get any more. Moreover, th ( Full Answer )

How do you sing the song Jingle Bells?

Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh O'er the fields we go Laughing all the way Bells on bobtail ring Making spirits bright What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight! (chorus) Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh! what fun it is to r ( Full Answer )

How does ice cream start with the sun?

First you have to have sunlight to grow the grass that the cows eat, then the cows eat the grass and produce the milk & cream used to make ice cream.

Ice cream that starts with a c?

· Caramel · Caramel Cream · Carrot Cake · Cheesecake · Cherries Jubilee · Cherry · Chocolate · Cinnamon · Coconut · Coffee · Cookie Dough · Cookies 'n Cream · Cotton Candy

Can you buy Blue Bell ice cream in Omaha?

You can buy Blue Bell at the Russell Stover store located at 721 South 72nd Street. However if you are just looking to indulge in the heavenly treat I did see a slogan on an Outback menu that read "We only serve Blue Bell® ice cream because it's rich, creamy and made the old fashioned way." Enjoy ( Full Answer )

Does Blue Bell Ice Cream still make Banana Pudding?

Yes I bought a half gallon of the Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream last night at the HEB in Austin Texas Austin 06 #218 12407 Mopac Expwy N. Phone: (512) 339-1181 Store Hours: 6 am - 1 am

How do you get your mom to take you to ice cream?

Well, first, finish all pending work, because it will pay off later. Then approach Mom nicely and ask "Mom, can we go to _________ for some ice cream?" If she says no, act sad and say, "But I finished all my work to go!" Do NOT whine! If she still says no, accept, looking sad, and leave. If she says ( Full Answer )

Where can you find blue bell ice cream in Dayton Ohio?

Blue Bell isnt sold in Ohio, but it's not far away. If you don't mind the drive it is sold in Richmond IN. Wal-Mart and Mejier stores in Richmond both sell Blue bell ice cream. My mother is from Alabama sold I go for her all the time.

How does rainbow ice-cream taste like?

well, i never tasted rainbow ice-cream but i guess it will taste like all mixed fruit flavored ice-cream. VIOLET - grape ORANGE- orange GREEN- lime or green apple RED- apple or cherry BLUE- blueberry or blue raspberry YELLOW- lemon

Is blue bell birthday cake ice cream gluten free?

According to the company that makes the ice cream you asked about,the birthday cake flavor ice cream is NOT gluten free. Any flavorthat includes gluten-laden ingredients in the title or pieces ofthe stated items such as cookies, cake pieces, pie crust pieces,graham cracker pieces, ice cream cone pie ( Full Answer )

How would blue bell ice cream get to people in another state?

By truck. Currently Blue Bell is manufactured in Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama and distributed to the surrounding states. Certain restaurants will ship it to their franchises throughout the US. A new facility is being put into production in Virginia.

Who sings the song Ice Cream Freeze?

The person who sings the song Ice Cream Freeze is Willy Johnston. He was very famous in the early 2000's, but only had a few songs that became pretty popular.

Who sings the song cool as ice?

The song Cool as Ice (Everyone Get Loose) is sung by Vanilla Ice and also features Naomi Campbell. The song Cool as Ice is from the soundtrack of a film also called Cool as Ice.

Can you buy Blue Bell ice cream in California?

Sorry, the little creamery in Brenham, Texas does NOT distribute their "Worlds Famous" ice cream to the California marketplace. However, it is available in Arizona and New Mexico. Blue Bell IS the second-largest selling ice cream brand in the US. Their products have been enjoyed by the occupants of ( Full Answer )